The Thing With Faith.

More often than not, people have called me a cynic. A believer in most things practical on virtue of experience. And then, there are the close sets of people who call me anything but cynical. I have often found myself swaying between these perceptions. Sometimes, even for the lark of it.

The truth is, I am nothing. Neither an optimist, a pessimist, nor a cynic. I just react. To actions caused due to the environment and mainly, due to people. My reactions could be perceived as those of a cynic or a perennial pessimist. Fact remains that, it is YOU who makes ME.

And vice versa.

Over 27 years of my life, I have acquired skills that I utilize while ‘reacting’.  One of them being Faith. It is like acquiring patience, since; most good things take some a while to happen. And while the whole world pleads innocent to all the bad things that have happened to them, I wait. Karma takes it rounds and someday it will work its way back to me. The bad things that happen to me are only the plausible results to the bad I do to something or someone.

Everyone is born naked. And sooner or later, we learn how to cover ourselves. The same way, while growing up, we pursue this fairy tale. In which nothing could ever go wrong. Where, we are perfect and could do no wrong to anything or anybody. Where, life never pokes at us even when we have not given our due. And we learn to live with it. We like it because of the feelings it evokes in us. The fairy tale is our space. It becomes our faith.It is where we get our peace.

Experiences may make us think otherwise. Reality has this tendency to sting right when you are about to take life to the home turf. And the world you build for yourself starts crumbling.

But it is hard to let go of the fairy tale entirely. Because it is hard to let go of that smallest ray of hope, that one day we’d open our eyes and it will all come true.  The funny part is..

For most part of our being, our fairy tale and reality are amalgamated. Just that we cannot see it.

A castle in the air, in reality, may not be a castle. It may just be a visiting card, a phone call, a message which opens avenues to fulfillment  And a happily ever-after, in reality, may not be a happily ever after either. It might just be a happy now, raised to infinity. To take it is a choice we make. Fairy tale v/s reality. It is a choice we make.

The thing about faith is that it is surprising. Like the irrational girlfriend who makes you fall to your knees. She chooses to leave your space when you need her the most. Never does she let go of you completely. Sometimes, all she needs to do is change attires J

And all along life’s moments, she’s the glue that brings our actions together.

So, for the ones who still choose to have their perceptions about who I could really be…                      

I am nothing. I just have enough Faith which makes me cross over from fairy tales to reality. And more often than not, I know that when the time is right, I can still come back to who I am. And not get lost in people or their perceptions.


And yeah, putting pen to paper is nice. Thanks for believing.


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