The Flower Bed

There was once a young girl,
With a spring in her step, she did swirl,
She took to flowers one fine day,
A fine flower bed she did lay

Daisies and lilies, they made their way
Roses and lilacs were lined in a splay
With bated breath she let them stay
A blossom twas expected, by the end of May,

May came and however went,
The young girl’s faith began to fragment
My grace will never blossom
She began to foment

Early morning she turned to see,
A dandelion standing tall yet curvy
That sleepy stalk was just a sunray away,
From a bloom and a sway

Blind and unaware, as an innocent child
She chose to revel
In the weed’s beguile
Chafe to the impending exile
She turned away from nature’s compile

Image courtesy : The Brickworkz.

Blowin’ in the wind..









Evening arrived in a mighty huff,
Blowing the dandelion in a puff,
Mocking her forsaken flowerbed
For nothing but bluff.

She stared at the bed
Looking at nothing, she smiled instead
It was then, she ran, she fell, but sped.
For it was then..that her youth had fled.


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