Curious Case of the Virgin Cougar

I recently came across this 50 year-old cougar spitting out weird remarks at me for being unkind to her in a way or two. She used to be an acquaintance and so I initially chose to royally ignore her using the “Barking Dog” syndrome [The barking dog syndrome is generally assigned to people esp women who obsess too much over things they haven’t gotten in their life and blame someone else for it.] …The barking is now at its peak and so, I decided to first understand what could be wrong with her before really shutting her up.

First up, she is single and a virgin for half a century. Give away? I mean for a woman who claims to have dated several men [celebrities inclusive] hasn’t ever gotten action. What is even stranger is that this woman decides the good and the bad of people based on their sexual activity. And then she speaks about someone as ‘experienced’ as Osho being a great man. Hypocritic but true.

Secondly, notwithstanding her ever expanding waistline, this woman has spoken about how men half her age obsess about her. That includes married men. So, my first thought was… Kim Catrall from Sex and the City. But again, she doesn’t get action! How does this happen?

To validate my point, I got talking to some of her ex work colleagues. Turns out in one case, she had tried asking one of the guys out and he did go out with her. Apparently the date got so boring that the guy decided never to meet her except in presence of some other friend of hers. In the second case, the guy accused her of literally ‘stalking’ him. They then told me how they totally just hung out with her out of the oh-she’s-alone feeling. Hmm. Can understand.

The girl friends were no less. Apparently she chose to cry and obsess about one of her younger finds on the shoulders of one of her girlfriends. Till the time she did it, she was an angel. When she refrained, she became a whore. Give away?

At the end of all of it, I kinda felt sad for her. In my opinion, she hasn’t ever come across a man who would let her control him. Most other women did and so she is still in search of the MAN. And people who date her obsessions automatically become whores who have evil eyes. The ones who show her the ‘mirror’ are the ones who get spited at, like me.

So then, I have decided to continue with the Barking Dog response. I empathise with the hypocrisy and the high voltage attention seeking attitude. And I sure do hope that there is some sense before the ripe old 60 sets in.

It remains to be seen however, whether she gets her peace ever. I reckon Never.


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