Saying it Out Loud..

— Strong contender of the “Cheesiest Post of 2012 award —

Yet another day begins and I see you packing your bags in frantic and running for the airport. A hug here, a kiss there and off you go. The thought of you not here in this room next to me seems ridiculous and very very wrong. The moment, the door shuts, there is an odd nostalgia that sets foot right inside my head, making me wonder what I would do without you. Who will I send threats about coming home early? Who will I cook for? Who will I email about new places and restaurants to raid over the weekend?

I think about how it would be another winter morning and I will not have you coming over to my room to cosy up to me right at the break of dawn. I picture myself on Sunday mornings, these lazy Sunday mornings, when you will not lie all over my mattress under the pretext of it being “much softer and warmer” than yours. And how you continue to stay on it, until your “Earl Grey” isn’t ready. *Hmmph*

I try my hand at being practical. The idea of not having heady Saturday evening “drunk” conversations makes me miss you even more. Trashing the bosses, day dreaming of owning Porsches and clicking ourselves in our ‘drunken’ states, for fond memories, the next morning. Very practical, us. 🙂

All cheesy, sentimental crap indeed. But when you come home in some days, hold me and lie about coming back home only for me. Kiss my forehead, push my poodle-hair back and hide me in the warmth of your arms. Let me hold your back, make-believe that you are indeed here, rub my nose on your stubble and complain about your gruffly hair. Make me feel like your girl and the woman you want me to be.

Tell me not to love you so much, for there are evil eyes all over. And in that same breath, tell me that we’ll take care of it all. Then hold my hand and lead me into showing that it does suck to be a cynic, after all.  🙂

But for now, just come back soon >:D<


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