That ‘D’ Word

We desire to work upon a better way of living every day. However, as human beings, aren’t we designed to be slightly dissatisfied with everything that we do, achieve or simply gather? There is always this painstaking habit to ‘better the current situation’. We satisfy one desire and almost instantaneously, the world agitates another one for us to thrive upon.

Monks and spiritual leaders always mention about living with what we need, rather than living with what we want. But doesn’t one feel totally alive and equipped with purpose, when they begin wanting?

For example, after a month of hard work, I think I deserve to buy that new handbag laid out in the local store. A possible sense of entitlement attached to possessions is what makes it irresistible, I guess. But it still gives me happiness. Some call it momentary. Such string of moments can make a life as well. Perfectly healthy thought!

The gurus weren’t wrong however. Human needs are endless. And endless desires breed unchained contempt. Nobody would want a world of extremes now, would they?

You cannot call that wrong, can you?

Our affirmations should therefore be to push for better living while carefully controlling the influence of our desires. It is perfectly OK to want things as long as we don’t get pissed off when we don’t get them J

So, this New Year, I desire for MORE. Of value additions. Of meaningful relationships. Of substantiating love. Of travel. Of writing.

Of Myself.

What would you desire for this year?

Image courtesy – ISKCON’s Desire Tree


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