One Day..

Midst the much awaited release of MI-4 and Don 2, lay a tiny advertisement of Anne Hathaway’s “One Day”… Being a vintage photograph lover, the ad really caught my eye. And like a true movie buff, I picked this one to watch at home.

Very Fine Day Indeed 🙂

The Story –

Dexter (Jim Sturgess) and Emma (Anne Hathaway) meet at their college convocation in the summer of 1989. A drunken afternoon later, they sleep together. [not a hook-up, just a normal doze off]… Needless to say, they become great friends with the talking and stuff…The date then was 15th July, 1989 …aka Saint Swithun’s day. And from there begins a journey into the parallel lives of Dexter and Emma…significant tit-bits from their lives…and most importantly, what they were doing on the 15th July of each year, until 2011.

My Take –

Not an out and out romantic movie, One Day grabbed my attention because of its unconventional nature of depiction.  The art of continuing with times (introduction to late night shows in the 90’s) but also adding a touch of old school And-I-love-you-so romance has been very well portrayed. The thought of friends turning to lovers to friends and still watching the other’s back is very endearing. It does make you relate to a lot of different situations from your own life. And the ability to make a viewer relate to the movie is in my opinion, the biggest USP of a romantic movie.

Jim Sturgess , in his role as Dexter, played the bad boy to the tee. His portrayal of a person who didn’t quite have a fixed agenda in life and being popular inspite of it, was successful. You feel for his character. Sometimes, even against it J

The movie, however, belonged to Anne Hathaway. The portrayal of a demure Emma Morley, who went out of her way to love Dexter was absolutely wonderful. Her selflessness and the fact that she didnt give herself away inspite of it, was simply amazing. From her slim frame to her thick eye frames, Anne Hathaway walked away with the attention of the audience throughout the movie.  Simplicity has its own charm, I guess J

So, if you are a sucker for new storylines in the romantic genre, here’s a whiff of fresh air 😉

My Rating – A pretty high 4 on 5

Favourite Quote –

Emma to Dexter — I got to know you. You cured me of you. 


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