Time Please!

“Every year is getting shorter
Never seem to find the time
Plans that either come to nought
Or half a page of scribbled lines” – Floyd, Time

2011 has past by in a major jiffy. And in all this time, the words I’ve most used are “I’m busy”, “Can I call you back later”, “I am in a meeting” and “Man, I don’t have the time”. These are exclusive of the cusses and the cribs, of course. So, while I finally had the time to do ‘nothing’, I managed to break the activities that have been taking all my time in the past weeks… It looked something like this:


Yes, snoozing and sulking are an integral part of my ‘being’…They shan’t be replaced at any cost.  

I haven’t taken the endless grocery and other affiliate errands and I already have spent 168 hours of the week!  (ie 24 hours of the day per week).. It isn’t that I am complaining. And it isn’t about being busy either. It just gets to my nerves sometimes.

I missed my nephew’s birthday yesterday…And in that frustration; I ended up desiring for more than 24 hours a day. 

Thought spirals twirl making me think…26 seems to be the magic number.It would just be so much more feasible! I could pack in time to blog more often. Choose the right clothes while going to work, shit longer, look better than usual, gobble slower, read relevant and thoughtful columns in the newspaper, surf to know facts well, play table tennis, learn a new language, play some more ping pong, plan a holiday, phew! Oh oh… most importantly, EXPRESS more! Talk more to the folks, not have that stupid straight face in social meetings (since I don’t remember people anymore); hold hands more often, smile some more and not think about an impending meeting during that time! See there’s a ‘MORE’ everywhere.

Harsh realities snigger up at the wrong times though. The work phone rings, chopping my thought-spiral right then.

Geography is limited. The earth won’t slow down. It already takes 365 days to take one stupid route around the sun. If it slow danced on the rotation, we would have to deal with a longer year.

Besides whom am I kidding? I can only desire to do the above mentioned things to prove my time extension point. In The Dead Kennedy’s words,

How I wish that there were more/Than twenty-four hours in the day/Cause even if there were forty more/I wouldn’t sleep a minute anyway”

Desires, bah.


21 Comments on “Time Please!

  1. Title of the post is amazing and the chart awesome..Didn’t think it could be used in such a context. Hope u made up with your nephew for missing his birthday. Life is such a run that too marathon that we need to make time for important things in life. Best of Luck!

    • Hey there,

      I dont know your name, but you sure look to be money aware! 🙂
      Yeah, the nephew got a big fat gift as an “apology” gift. Management is majorly with respect to time alone, I guess. Everything else falls in place, whatsay?
      Nevertheless, a big thank you for stopping by the blog. And thanks 😉

  2. loved the graphic representation..quite creative . . the post felt to me like u were speaking right from the heart . . guess indiblogger helped u lash out ur hidden frustration regarding satisfying ur mind less often . . nyways impressive read 🙂

  3. To open a post with the lines of such a beautiful song (yes, i’m a die hard floyd fan), I’m already sold 😛
    But the post itself is really awesome 😀
    I’m a fellow competitor, btw 😛

    Could you read my entry, and if you like it, vote for it? I’d be really thankful 🙂

    • Thanks Man… For a moment, I thought you were serious about the ‘praise’ 😉
      I will go through the post and definitely vote!

  4. I like the graphical representation of time… very interesting and innovative… Time indeed drifts away before we realize its importance…
    Well written… your words are powerful and mesmerizing… keep writing… keep inspiring 🙂

    • Thanks Anukriti 🙂
      Your words are very encouraging. Your’s was the most popular post I’ve seen in a long time 🙂

  5. I liked the way u started it..with a that graph 🙂 and yes! expressing more is a point which I really liked. A well written post..just that u could have ‘expressed’ a bit more. good luck neways!

    • Thanks for stumbling by the blog Sarah.. what went against the ‘expression’ was the ‘lack of time’… hey thats the whole point anyway right? 😉
      Thanks a ton!

    • Thanks Varun, your comment went into the Spam folder and hence could not revert earlier. Yeah, the sulking has gone up since yesterday… Hmmmph 🙂

  6. I also struggle with feeling like there is not enough hours in the day. I feel like each time I look at the clock my reaction is, “Where did the day go!?” A while ago I realized I was spending far too much time doing things that didn’t add to my life. I’ve since tried to weed those out. It may sound cliche but life is indeed too short!

    • Oh tell me about it. Unfortunately, in my case, I do everything that bring happiness to the wallet. Nothing to the mind though ..Hmmph. But then again, this is just time playing mind games. A bit of breathing in and out and a lesson in time management might just help 😉

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