Idiosyncrasy of Romance

I have been very annoyingly busy off late. As Brian Flanagan would have mentioned, “Days get shorter and shorter, nights longer and longer, before you know it, your life is just one long night with a few comatose daylight hours”…

But that hasn’t stop me from reading, observation and more importantly JUDGING 😛 … Continuing on this trail of thoughts, I bring to you my own set of the “Crass Hypocrisy” …This section would deal with all the philosophies that can be so well argued upon that its existence in itself starts seeming  stupid.

I want to speak about “Romance” today. I recently read this somewhere,

“In this fast paced world, romance has died out. Kids today, meet up in pubs and bars; sleep with each other and break-up a few months later. Where has the romance gone?”

Let’s start off with:

ro·mance (r -ma ns , r mans ) [ according to]

a. A love affair.

b. Ardent emotional attachment or involvement between people; love:

c. A strong, sometimes short-lived attachment, fascination, or enthusiasm for something

There has been no mention of time, age and location in any of the above meanings here.  Where did the statement even come from?

There could be a few assumptions here –

  1. An unhappy self
  2. An unhappy relationship
  3. Old age
  4. Conservation of thoughts
  5. Nothing really,  just speaking ‘cos one has to (there are people who do this)

Most of us would agree with the ‘Sour Grapes’ phenomenon in cases 1, 2 and 3. The place where a person believes ‘If I can’t get it, why should anyone else’…But why generalize?

Sample 4 ups the “Hypocrisy” quotient by heights.  I conserve my thoughts for someone else… I defy all of them when it comes to myself. Very amusing, this. Throw in a bit of perspective for yourself and voila, there you have a moment of amusement. Unfortunately, most such people are either old or unhappy…But then again, why generalize? 😛

What comes out, is that there is zero consideration while making statements like the one above. Makes one look totally stupid and insipid with respect to thought.

In my opinion, I can find and create romance in absolutely anything. An ambience with  dim lights, good music and longing gazes can be considered once in a while. If I am pressed for time, why can’t a pub provide me with the same feeling? In fact, I get a nasty kick in gazing at someone in the middle of a crowded room! Had feelings changed with ambience we wouldn’t have had a Dirty Dancing or a Kal Ho Naa Ho for that matter.

The co-relation factors in our society are skewed. And people aren’t’ helping either. Romance is co-related with commitment; if it turns out to be a brief liaison, it is not romance…Laughable. No complaints though. It isnt a single person behaviour, but an idiosyncrasy. 🙂

It is important to not let our shadows take over our conscious conversations..We most often than not end up making a fool of ourselves in the wise one’s eyes.. Again, totally my perception though. Freedom of speech, cannot be restricted (I secretly wish it could :P)

Someone just mentioned ‘Envy’ to be a very big factor in skewing perceptions. What would you say?

More on this later.


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