Sale! Sale! Sale!

WTF is a “Flying” Dick?

Are they referring to the ones that belong to Superman, Batman, Spiderman or Shakti-man? The last one may be the one for INR 25. Even then….this is howlarious!

Lest you leave your Nest 😀

‘Big’ Bazaar. Jeez.


2 Comments on “Sale! Sale! Sale!

  1. The person who said money can’t buy happiness is a fool. You can buy all the prerequisite tools to be happy. Rs 25 flying dick: key operated. You can rotate the key for it to fly. But it lasts only for few seconds. Rs 100 flying dick : battery operated. Replace batteries when needed. Rs. 500: comes with an adapter. You can charge it. Rs 1000: understands speech. You may command it to fly and can command it to do whatever you want it to do. It will obey without any questions asked 🙂

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