I haven’t been a morning person since high school (yes, the midnight oil was too hot for sleep to handle). And like most people honest about their quirks, I have one too!

I need to kick start my day with a hot cup of Indian tea (chai, if you may :))… Me pre tea and me post tea are very different. This usually is the case everyday, but one of these days it was unusual.

I slept through the first alarm and managed to ‘dismiss’ the second one. Neel does not believe in waking up before a few snoozes and so he slept blissfully through the alarms. My wake-up call therefore was the maid.

Looking at the clock and my horribly late schedule, I realized I wouldn’t get tea for the morning. Putting my monotonic grumbles together I walked into a hot shower trying to make it as quick as possible. Silence and excessive eye-drooping prevailed while I tried to shrug myself into some clothes.

Some time later, Neel walked out of the shower, looking much more solved than I was.  I managed to mumble something about his packet of lunch and my delay in getting to work. Two long sentences and my brain went tizzy. He hugged me just as I was about to leave. And miraculously my grumpiness turned into peaceful easy breaths and sweet nothings.  My day had begun on a good note.

There is nothing that a hug can’t solve. Especially a stringent habit gone wrong.  It also made me realize that a cup of tea served the same purpose as the hugs in the morning.

To provide me with some warmth to kick start my day.

Yesterday, while being battered at work I could’ve done with a hug, but had tea instead. Somehow it wasn’t the same.


2 Comments on “Morning…

  1. Hugs make me a tad uncomfortable. There’s something about chest to chest contact that makes me cringe.

    • Is it the chest to chest contact that makes you cringe or the fact that someone is capable of holding a nut case like you? 🙂

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