Closing Chapters…

The early morning mist
Brushing against my face
Leave goose bumps
On my inanimate skin

Droplets of rain
Slowly trickle down the pane
On the edge of which
I rest my head

And breathe.

In my deep tranquil
I admire you in your whole
A softly heaving heart
Now spells warmth in spurts

Along came Miss Agony
Smirking at the now-flickering warmth
Terming it inconsequential
Her strong gust unfurling
The dead face of love

There you lie
Still faced and calm
Your eyes shine in condescendence
Of my living being

Startled with such indifference
Smiles escape my lips
When tumult engulfed my existence
You scathed me
With a streak of ‘free’

Thundering voices from the sky
Wake me up
From this putrid reverie

Only to concoct
A new version of life
Without you.


Note to Self : Look, I know you think that he was the one, but I don’t. No, I think you’re just remembering the good stuff, next time you look back, I, uh, I think you should look again.


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