I watched the promos for the movie, while watching Hangover II (the return of the same story). I didn’t quite like it, but eventually hung on to the fact that Anurag Kashyap’s abstract thoughts are really worth a view. And so I watched it.,

The Plot :
The movie revolves around the lives of 5 youngsters high on money, booze, drugs and everything ‘malicious’ in life. They do not believe in control and one night of the recklessness gets them to lose complete control over themselves. The consequent turn of events result in a well meant and impressive anti-climax of sorts.
Paralleling these lives , are the lives of two cops; one struck by greed and the other by rage. Their lives change with the youngsters. How, is what should await your anticipation 🙂

My Take :
Shaitaan begins on a simple note with the main protagonist (Kalki) being introduced to a bunch of richsters (rich+ youngsters, for the uninitiated)…The movie, in layers, delves deeper into the dark side of human behaviour. So much so, that after a certain time, every character’s role differed in every frame of footage. The pace was thus slick and free flowing.
What is even better, is the perfect blend of the characters in the movie… A silent Dushyant (Shiv Pandit, a ‘Siddharth’ wannabe), a very angry KC (Gulshan Devaiya, super acting), a chirpy Tanya (Kirti, hot hot), a scared Zubin (Neil Bhoopalam) and a demented Amrita (Kalki) make a very very natural, yet interesting set of people. The addition of an angry Mathur (Rajeev Khandelwal, Duhudde!) adds superb acting value to the movie. Not to forget an extremely funny role of Rajat Barmecha (Of Udaan fame), which does wonders to the underlying sarcasm of the movie.
Amazing photography, a fine and very crisp storyline , excellent editing and fantabulous background score (Khoya Khoya Chand, was mindblowing), make Shaitaan, truly dark and somehow sensible in every possible sense.

My Rating : Certainly deserves a 4 on 5

Footnotes :

1. Congratulations Bijoy Nembiar for making a movie on events relative to the youth. Kalki’s dementia could’ve been better handled though.
2. Anurag Kashyap, ** bow down ** .. The cardinal sins of despair, wrath and greed have been well captured. But making the wife, the real protagonist, was very important.. Isn’t it? 

A must one time watch. Afterall,it is not Rage.It is not Lust. It is not Excess… It is a Moment that brings out the Shaitaan in you 🙂


5 Comments on “Shaitaan

  1. Interesting treatment and a brave attempt surely. Awesome background score. Did you notice that just as the movie starts the little girl is playing with a car and a doll.. hitting them against each other.. which goes on to show how everything was just a fun-filled adventure for Amrita .. 🙂

    • it was very out of the leagues of other movies that I have seen so far. the understanding was given right from the beginning, which set the tone of the movie. I was particularly amazed with the climax. superb. 🙂

  2. yes, we’d love more legacy because he is undoubtedly an important voice and iconoclast of our times….. and the fact remains that in the last nine years or so, he has made six films including just the one excellent film, Dev D, which on the strength of an immensely original first half and its use of the Trivedi soundtrack, remains easily his best…….feel Wasseypur might be his definitive masterwork rather than Yellow Boots or Doga…..Bombay Velvet sadly seems to have been shelved for now……

    on another level, i feel as though i crave for quieter, more meditative cinematic works that come out of nowhere, outside any branding factory and yet have the ability to quench, move, stagger….

  3. the trailers were intriguing while reminding me somewhat of Anurag’s own debut film, ‘Paanch’….is this too inspired by the joshi-abhyankar murders? no wait, don’t tell me :)…. hmmm, yup, I noticed that Siddharth facsimile too…..bejoy has come a long way since winning that competition for Ashok Amritraj and for all my scrapes in the past with Anurag Kashyap’s films and his passion-for-cinema cronies, I like the bloody fact that he doesn’t just talk, but actually gets things done….. a 21st century masterpiece still eludes him though, say, in the league of a Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi or a Kaalpurush…….but maybe one of these days, he would create another Satya

    • Paanch was a raw low budget thriller inspired by real life incidents. Kashyap’s movies always have an undercurrent of real life incidents running through them. What amazes me, is the blend of fiction he breathes into the reality. A live example for me, was Dev D. He managed to write possibly every feeling that one can experience after a loved one is pushed away.
      Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi remains unmatched, yes…But I have a hint we’re heading towards a Kashyap masterpiece pretty soon 🙂

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