I sat at the airport looking at my watch.  At 0245 hours on that cold winter night. I stood there waiting for his flight to land.

As I walked up and down, waiting for that voice to tell me that the flight had landed, I anticipated his possible reactions on seeing me. The only thing that kept me going was that sooner or later, he would smile, look at me and say, “Promise me, you would never fight with me again.” And embrace me in the warmth that kept me alive.

The flight landed. He walked out only to be greeted by someone else. He seemed happy and content.


Damn, I thought. It had only been two months.


6 Comments on “Daymnn

  1. ur blog certainly tickles the grey cells so certainly cannot be the dull man for sure 🙂 keep writing in senorita and wish u all the happiness and love that u can encompass.

    • Hey, this is pure fiction. A thought on your thought though, a hand outstretched can be attached to a lover or a murderer. Holding onto it will lead to death both ways. How do you decide then?
      I did that once. Was a major crash and burn. Now i just shake the hand and wish it good luck

      • the hand outstretched can be of a healer too… what the hell after all it is all fiction right ?

      • it can be..yes, so true. but i can never be an eternal optimist, that you are 🙂
        haha, it becomes fiction, once one leaves..get that? And i am glad you finally commented on the blog. All reading and no commenting, makes Mr.Blues a dull man 🙂

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