Of Moving Out…

I moved out of home. After months of contemplation to move or not, on one fine evening in March, I saw myself packing all my stuff at 3 am and smirking with the oh-so-much-luggage look on my face.

Not that I moved cities or countries, yet the feeling after packing everything up and moving to a suburb in itself, was vague. As I waited for the cab to arrive the next afternoon, I looked longingly at the parents with the father helping with the” luggage-lifting bit” (typical Bengali concept) and the mother looking ‘everywhere’ but me. 🙂

Indian children are nestled in cynosure right from childhood. It being warranted for or not is of course a perspective of mighty importance for the children. But whether we like it or not, the attention span, however good or bad, lies with the loved ones alone. Always.

But, overdoing anything is bad for the mind 🙂 … Too much attention is considered as “intrusion. And that is what probably eggs ‘youngsters’ my age to move out.

Looking back at the move, I feel amused. I ran away from love to face ‘hardships’ of life! Why did I want to that…Like ever?

I believe, sometimes it is important to explore the harshness of the world to see and “feel” what I might be missing out on, when at home. The same goes with the oldies. When you don’t have anyone to bicker about, you tend to think about the positives of the one who left. This way, the value of relationships from both ends increases. I realize it now. 🙂

Aint complainin’ so far…there is “love and peace piercing the heart” and an undying thirst to “make this work

In the meanwhile, another activity completed on my “things-to-do-before-dying” list.

I ain’t leaving.Or Dying. Yet

For the Dad

This is my life, Dad, this is it. I spent 26 years waiting for something else to start, so, no, I don’t think it’s too much to take on, because it’s everything there is. I see now it’s all of it. You and I are gonna be OK, you know that, right? We may not be as happy as you always dreamed we would be, but for the first time let’s just allow ourselves to be whatever it is we are and that will be better. OK? I think that will be better. – Garden State


4 Comments on “Of Moving Out…

  1. Well.. I liked how you skipped the part about “missing” your home.. Do you “miss” home?
    I have been out of home since I finished school and even to my surprise I never “missed” home.. I definitely love and respect my parents a lot but maybe I always had that “naught-ee” feeling about home 🙂

    • haha…the problem is that, the “naught-ee” feeling had reached such a level, that moving out was the only saving grace, lest I become totally numb. Yes, the respecting and the loving bit will always exist. I dont miss home though.

  2. Love too every moment of the masterpiece that is ‘Garden State’….and like that, this post too, seems to talk about the arbitrariness of the concept called ‘home’….

    came across this blog via the klash portal…..in another context, the ‘seeing-the-brother-off’ waala post is hilarious….almost the PGWing of a Jhumpa Lahiri tearjerker…..i’m following this for now

    • Thanks Kunal… I loved Garden State way too much, as well!.. If you like such movies, I would urge you to watch Buffalo’66. Some good stuff there as well.
      I am glad you called it “arbitrary”. Manifestations of every kind would lead me to that word, all the bloody time.
      Ahaa! Have you ever experienced the “lets go drop the kid to the airport” bit? Haha, the sarcasm came out too strongly in the post, I thought. [Something that one of my ‘maashis’ read and chose to voice it out to my parents, as well :)]
      The last sentence almost made my Horrendous Monday! Thanks *blushing Sridevi style*

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