Tis Time..

And you suddenly hit a deadend.

After days and days of hacking through the undergrowth

and cutting a path through the bush

After weeks of faith and hope and trust and belief

that the brown path would show itself

simple, alluring, the path should lead you to your destiny

it will solve all your problems

You carry yourself lightly.

But you bow under the weight of your flock.

You carry a great burden upon your shoulders;

One that cannot be consumed or transported;

One that has to be borne stoically;

One that brooks no indifference.

You cut the leaves and trimmed the stems;

You cut your way through the scarring branches.

Because you believed. Your heart governed your actions.

Inwardly, You hope and pray and beg for a miracle.

Because you must not let your expression drop.

Because You carry the burden.

You suddenly hit a deadend.

It’s time to follow your instincts.

It’s Time.To Change the Course of your Life.

Pranay “Superawesome” Srinivasan


2 Comments on “Tis Time..

  1. True. They say when you’re at the dead end, look again, for all you know it might just be a bend.
    Go beyond. Change.

    Good one.

    keep it goin;)

    • Change is my hope and hope is morphine for the soul. unfortunate but true. a cynic’s point of view though. Bah.
      Thanks for commenting though 🙂

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