Just Being Normal

I am uncomfortable with awful things that happen to others. And most often than not, I have been touted as “indifferent”or “ignorant” to the emotional needs of others.

I ask. How?

I do not believe in empathising. It beats me how my saying, “It will be alright” to a person who has just lost hope will make things any better for him. This is especially true, when it comes to deaths. People die and in each funeral, I look at hoardes of people coming to the rescue of the bereaved, saying, “May the faithfully departed receive their salvation”.. In my heart of hearts, I say, whether you say that or not, they will ultimately receive salvation. Weird.

People break up. There are some of them who undergo bitter separations.. So how does my bitching or saying anything overtly optimistic about the person’s life help in easing the pain?

It doesn’t mean that I don’t care. I would rather sit by a grieved/disturbed individual and not say anything than breaking down to the nitty-gritties of the situation, to make someone feel even worse about what has happened. Why bother for an explanation when you realize breaking down a problem will not solve it, especially, in the moment of disturbance?

Why is it so important to comfort by something? If it is genuine, there would be absolutely no need to speak at all. Saying something for the sake of completing a formality, is just bullshit.

People are totally capable of taking care of their problems. And they look out for emotional dependence when they cannot take it anymore. Being practical or overtly emotional, really doesnt help then. Just listening at this point in time, helps in easing that awkward feeling. My take, totally.

The truth, I realise, is that we are suckers for emotional attention. And those in any form, are welcomed wholeheartedly. Words mean more, I guess. Even if they are forced and not natural 🙂

I would’ve understood had they come with a “I-am-here-for-you-irrespective” tag ..But when it clearly comes with a “I-want-you-to-do-the-same-when-I-demand-emotional gratification” tag, it just angers me.

But what the heck. People will think, what they have to.

And so yeah, I am an “Indifferent,Selfish Bitch”.

Go agonise about it.



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