Goodbye Friend

After a certain point in life, one begins to outgrow and emotionally dispose, most of those things or people who do not matter to him and/or the ones for whom he doesn’t matter. I have been disposing such people off my life, for the past few days.

A friend and a very dear senior of mine, mentioned a few days back about how it is extremely important to consciously erase all those people who have belittled your existence under the pretext of being people who care for you. It is an effort that takes a lot of courage since it makes you virtually aware of how involved you have been into a particular friendship.

It also makes you understand of what a fool you’ve been 🙂

I went back to such a friend, who always remembered me, when she felt low. Throughout college, she maintained other friends, went out with people and kept telling me how much she valued me as a buddy. Me, on the other hand, used to just look at her thinking how lucky I’ve been.

College life ended and we went our own ways..and there began this phenomenal distinction of the mature and the immature. She went to complete her Master’s while I switched jobs. Of course, that made me smaller in her perception, since she was gaining wisdom, while I enjoyed life. She made new friends and best ones at that. And she kept saying, how much she valued our friendship.  Still.

In reality, all she wanted, was for me to lend her a ear every time she felt cathartic.

There was this once, I managed to see through her. And so, as an exercise, managed to hurt her sentiment. Voila it worked! She chose, not to speak with me, again!

I did feel sad about what I did. But after thinking it over, it makes sense. The whole formality of being friends is nauseating. It is much better to accept situations where one has outgrown the other. The realization was however, that I was long outgrown.

It was just time, that I got out of it, as well.

So, goodbye friend.. I will still wish you well.

“We had joy we had fun we had seasons in the sun
But the hills that we climbed were just seasons out of time”



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