Random Winter People

The security guard in my building was without a sweater and so I decided to take him with me to a place which lights up one particular street every year during this time. I thought I owed him one, for all the amazing conversations that we’ve had on nights when I returned home in a drunken state, only to be sobered by some ginger tea off his old thermos flask at 4 am on winter mornings.

There is a small street that leads to the railway station. It is a rusty little place, with small shops advertising for photocopies and faxes at discounted prices.Today however, The place was bright and full of colour…

North-Easterners are here! Them with their stalls of colourful sweaters, jackets, stoles and headgears, made quite a sight. On first observation, these chillum smokin’ fellas come across as highly professional people. They come with a certain profit in mind to work upon, and strive hard to adhere to it as much as possible. The ladies, especially, keep saying, “No, No, No” in their high-pitched north-eastern accent whilst negotiating which is quite adorable (and a tad irritating) at times. We walked on the street, when Singhji spotted a pullover…

It was yellow in colour and had a NIKI (fake for Nike) pasted on its chest 🙂 ..I asked for the price and the lady in that shrilly tone, said “750 Roopish“…I was a little shocked at the alarming high price she quoted and so I decided to take my first step of negotiation. That of walking away.

The lady understood this tactic and called me saying, “How much will you pay?” in fluent English.

Maintaining my composure, I mentioned “450

She mentioned, “500 Last“.

I turned around and stared at her, while she did the same. Her arrogance made her look like the villain in cowboy movies. She smiled at me with her predominantly mottled teeth.My eyebrows twitched, my eyes became small and my hand ….

Moved into my pocket to pull out a note. And we bought the sweater.

I had a long chat with her post that. From where they came, what they did…Singhji pitched in whenever it came to the UP-Nepal borders and how cold it gets out there…She showed me different kinds of wool and also advised what would look good on me..And to keep her happy, I bought myself a nice little woolen hat 🙂

Singh and me returned later that evening, for him to begin his duty and for me to close the day. Before I slept, I peeped out of the window, to see him wearing that sweater and strutting it around to people. I know for a fact, that he would pass it on to his son in Saharanpur in a few days time and maybe continue without a sweater for the rest of the winter, but yeah, what the heck, he is pretty happy today.

The winter people are my friends who do good things for people without letting them know.

Next up, is that bus driver who takes me to work everyday.


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