As It Comes

There is a lethargy that winter brings with it. Most people get engulfed in this lethargy and give in to it. Me, has not been an exception, since long.

It is colder than ever in this part of the world.And for some very right reason , I have been overtly active! There is a spring in my step, which makes me wake up and on early mornings, put on my newly acquired jacket and take a walk. Old couples doing the ‘brisk walk’, one man who runs miles irrespective of the season, a dog who sleeps in a wishfully careless fashion and my regular cutting chai-wala mark the highlight of my otherwise dull day.

There is also this ‘feel’ that the weather brings along with it. The one that makes people warm and friendly to talk to! I like the smile on the faces of people trying to keep warm, while the yearning is clearly visible in their eyes. The sighs of going to work early morning, leaving their loved ones behind and cribbing the whole day about returning home early, somehow makes me feel really good.  🙂

Since the yearn factor is high, it is amusing to see people ‘fall’ for other people. Infatuations or longing of any sort magnifies this feeling of being ‘human’ ..something, that most of the times, goes unnoticed …

I have had a few such instances in the past month. Those of learning about infatuations, understanding girls (why they behave the way they do, when in love 😛 ) and of course, the increase in the ‘yearn’ factor as well!

Speaking on the latter part of the above, I’ve come to realize that I’ve grown so oblivious to my surroundings, that a cry even from an acquaintance, makes me sit up and take notice of myself..A “good morning” keeps me happy all day! Any act of selflessness makes me yearn for more. Interactions in the form of happy conversations (where the other person’s talks are happy to listen to), unpretentious bullshit and an underlying scope of putting faith into a person seems more than right, right now. People who are passionate about their lives, wanting to do something for themselves (not monetarily, mind you) seem attractive. And people who inject logic in everything trying to forcefully draw a conclusion from it, seem highly uninteresting and stupid now 🙂

I think, this season, I would just wanted to be guided. With a hand that holds mine to take me to a higher place.  Someone who just lets me be. A friend or a confidante.

Or maybe, I am just looking for someone like me?

For now, I am just happy being me 🙂


4 Comments on “As It Comes

  1. Ya.. Sucidal shopping spree… Gosh…!!! Selfish in a relationship ya to the extend saying don’t DARE poach grrrr..rrr MINE… Otherwise na… No spice if wvwrything is agreed upon right so opposite attract.. Get it not funda… Muuuwaahhh !!!!

  2. heheheh shopping spree.. Gosh i agree sure suicidal for me ; ) , babes … Na i meant opposites is also a possibility.. Life is a wheel so everything is possible .. but once you know what you want then don’t let it go applies to yr relations too.. If the feeling is mutual don’t let it go give the person the space he/she needs but be there… Selfish if it does not hurt anyone ok…; )

  3. quote Or maybe i am looking for someone like me’ unquote i like that but lady u know the famous quote ‘Opposites attract’ we should meet more like the old times …

    • i am sure, i forgot to add, that “someone to quench my once-in-a-year shopping spree” as well !
      opposites attract is just a funda. we are super selfish people, who would slog to be with a single person and then give up on them on the most superficial nuances. anyway 🙂

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