The first things that happen in a new relationship are so mind numbingly pleasure giving! I was chatting up a colleague from work on our lunch out, while I saw him blushing looking at a particular text from a special ‘someone’. Felt so good 🙂

The things that I did, to experience these firsts?

— Almost fell out of a window to catch hold of the fluctuating cell phone range while managing to whisper sweet nothings at the same time, lest the folks wake up. (Thank goodness it was just the second floor)

— Convinced Dad to setup a humongously expensive VSNL dial-up connection just to check some other girl’s scraps on his scrapbook. (Come on, the feeling of this unattached jealousy is also bittersweet 😛 )

— Walked almost two kilometers with high heels, just to keep listening to a fella talking about geography and different time zones. (I did get tired eventually :P)

— Walked mindlessly after being dead tired at work, sat on benches of random private gardens and went all out, in explaining how ‘impressively complicated’ I was. (this was until recently. damn! lame me!)

— Blushed to a subtle beetroot red, while speaking with the one and being hounded by relatives or a group of friends in the background. (Last December, in a wedding somewhere in Lucknow)

— Sneaked on to some random apartment’s terrace, to spend ‘quality time together’

— Managed personal expenses on shoe-strings while wanting to make someone else’s birthday special (Haha, no comments on this one!)

— Slept while talking over the phone, woke up and still huh-ed just to keep the enthusiasm of conversations going. (I am an insomniac in reality, but nice voices, induce sleep for some reason. 😛 )

— Met the friends and fakde laughter while being pissed at someone taking a dig at him for no specific reason (It soon got rubbed onto me and I started taking random digs as well, endangering my ‘lovin’ feeling)

Looking back at these things, I have been happy, adored, jealous,possessive and most importantly, LAME at the same time. And it is only from these first times, did I realize, the extent to which I could go, to make someone else comfortable around me.

In general, what we do later, is to just gratify ourselves. But what the heck, this feeling in itself, is so amazing, that it makes me take back all the ill-feelings I could’ve ever had for the people I went out with.

Just they aren’t around here anymore, to listen to what I have to say.

The epiphany ?

1. Get checked for a disease called Tomfoolery. ASAP.

2.Behave like the blonde in love, the next time it knocks on my door. And be ‘open’ about it. Demand attention. Do not try to be the guy in the relationship 😛


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