The Premise :

I cannot deny that November and December are the best two months of this year, when it comes to Bollywood. Being a movie buff, I chose to look this one up with Jo [the only one who pampers my movie pangs ;)]

The Plot

Ethan Masceranhas (Hrithik Roshan) plays a magician who was highly successful during his time and was paralysed by a freak (well tailored) accident. The condition of paralysis is called Quadriplegia – the loss of the sensory and motor (sensation and control). After being in this state for 14 years, Ethan pleads for euthanasia, much to the chagrin of his nurse, Sophie (Aishwarya Rai) who has served him for all those years. His case is taken up by Devyani (Shernaz Patel) who is his best friend and wants to get him rid of his pain.

My Review


Guzaarish is a well told story, especially when it comes to its depiction. That a person struggled with his optimistic inner self for 14 years, his growing cynicism and then his decision to give up once and for all, is very well shaped and makes the viewer want to think about a sensitive issue like Mercy Killing.  What makes it unconvincing is the unnecessary optimism about death that is stressed upon, time after time after time. Had it been portrayed as an intrinsic feeling within Ethan, without the whole celebration, it would have been more convincing and could’ve touched cynics like me as well.

When it comes to acting, Shernaz Patel as the lawyer is good, very stage-like though. The courtroom scenes did not seem like them at all..Monikangana Dutta as Ethan’s ex, is so pretty, even I can fall for her! Aishwarya is timeless in some scenes (the still when Ethan proclaims to be her husband) and the plump look suits her age and Sophie’s look.

But the movie belonged to Hrithik Roshan. He has managed to play the vegetable with a self respect, to the tee. And he just looks pffff… God Like. I was particularly touched when he renders a very decent version of What A Wonderful World during his mother’s burial. Thumbs up.

Overall, the movie is good for a one-time watch. My rating : 4/5


@ Hrithik : Koi Mil Gaya,Krissh now Guzaarish. Acting does not always have to be good in retarded roles.

@Sanjay Leela Bhansali : You began with the deaf and dumb (Khamoshi), then the blind (Black) ..and then the whole body (Guzaarish)…is a  sad, horror movie (considering that the soul is the only part that remains) up your sleeve now?


4 Comments on “Guzaarish

  1. Hmm..m so much said about the woman ‘Monikangana’ i would say generally a Man’s wet dream.. but
    how much can you carry on .. do not find any other substance in … my view .. and not being the b**** 😉

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