All Inside My Head

The evening turns into a long stretch of carbon black, as the clock strikes an ungodly hour. Every motion that defined time had turned quiescent. The pleasant winter breeze stroked my face as I lay on the floor of the rooftop. With eyes wide open and a mind that slowly spirals into nothingness.

The wind plays the perfect imposter,jostling the clouds over the dark ribbon and allowing the moon to begin its game of peekaboo. My eyes wander for a while and settle on a certain North Star , the glint of which agitates me visually.

I keep staring at the floating fleet of clouds and the vast expanse it expects to cover. In the meanwhile ,the voices in my head create a cacophony represented by the city traffic. That too, at the speed of light. It keeps increasing in magnitude, adding more and more voices to it, much like the power added to the evil with every drop of blood it devours. It pains me. And in the end, the noise exploded into one solid stretch of a voice that lilts  in my ears making me rudely aware of what I was doing. Lying on the floor of the rooftop.

The sky is canvassed in lateral hues of orange. Daybreak’s here.. And the time to turn comatose is now.


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