Thought Spinners

There are these thought loops that have been grabbing me by the head these days. And some of them, have been really intriguing.

People in romantic relationships obsess about each other. Not literally I mean, (well yeah, sometimes that too) but more on the sub conscious level. And that is great once you get serious about the person…But what happens to all those thoughts once you stop seeing each other? Do they really cease to exist even after you’ve moved on?

I felt this awkward feeling just recently… While we sat in the garden next to my place a couple of days back, a friend of mine spoke about her new love interest and she said something that made me smile. It was similar to what I had heard and observed in someone I dated until a couple of months back… And then these weird thought bubbles came pouring that evening, just like the rain did. It was nice, but disturbing.

I have so much information about the people I have dated (read : not many :P) that I think I can conjure up an entire imaginary man out of them. And since, these are all good things; it is difficult to let them out in the open. Most people end up thinking that I haven’t gotten over the past, but the truth is that I actually have.For some strange reason though,these people will always remain an integral part of my system. Even when I am not a part of theirs and that they are doing just fine, inspite of me.

There is no specific solution to these thought spinners..They are strange and sometimes, just filled with happiness. Most importantly, they are only for me to know. And some stranger who probably feels the same way I do.

Meh. Random rant.


3 Comments on “Thought Spinners

  1. Hey we have already debated a nuumber of times on this and one is 1. Connecting with your love interest on subconcious level.2. Keeping and remembering about your ex after it has not worked out. The first i do connect but now i am seriously doubting 🙂 am sure you know what i mean,
    see there is always a first time judging a man/woman right.. and i may have made a mistake of placing the topic of conversation on with this background the second does not even come into being with my latest interest as there is NO logical conclusion to the same, the man/woman needs to have the b*** right :)) what say.. So hats of to you maintaining an after life with your love interest….. Cheers J

    • hehe …what goes for you is your faith. what goes against you is your rage. 🙂
      it is always better to keep an afterlife you know. the people you’ve loved and wanted to be with, are the same people who you would want to be happy as well. i ain’t being great or anything, but it just feels good to see someone happy after you’ve seen them in turmoil because of you. that’s my perspective though 🙂
      as far as judging someone goes, I don’t think there is a right or a wrong person. Perspective wise, the same person will look right and/or wrong person to two observers simultaneously. as long as the expectation set is proper and there is enough communication, the image set can never go wrong.
      i am in contact with only 50% of the people i was with (considering i just had 2 major relationships )..but yeah, it feels good to atleast talk and know that the ones who loved you still care for what you think and feel.
      thanks for commenting m’lady 🙂

      • Hahahaha.. my faith i seriously wonder whether i should..Rage.. hm..mmm debatable but if you say i think i must agree :p …. of course there is a right or worng if you are judging your own situation (shit ..) and yes i agree it is your individual perspective too, But if every person believes that he/she is in reality and the other is only percepting that does not help right .. like saying ‘Perception a’int Reality’ boooo i would saythe people saying this are not sure or more confident about their thoughts …Now about yeah i cannot be so selfless saying i would like the someone who wronged me to be happy.. by this i do not mean he/she should be miserable …but i will be indifferent.. know what i i :p come back to making a statement again ‘Hats off’ to you for maintaining it… 😉

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