Children’s Evening

Yesterday was Pandit Nehru’s birthday , also popularly known as Children’s Day. As a part of the celebrations every year, the Youth committee of my colony gathered to have a small celebration for the kids. It was a fun event with a couple of really nice competitions that involved the small ones, pre-teens and teenagers. These competitions had judges and unfortunately, I was picked as a judge for the Essay Writing Competition. My good was the fact that it wasn’t the first competition of the event.

The evening began with a competition called When I was a Kid (floated by someone that very morning, looking at the topic being trended by millions on Twitter). All participants were teenagers and they were to give an extempore like recollection of their childhood. This got me very nostalgic and I decided to day dream about the 5 most memorable things that I did as a kid..

5. #When I was a Kid : I used to climb upon the society gates and sit on for hours on the wall separating two buildings. Until a friend finished studying and decided to waste his/her time with me.

4. #When I was a Kid : I used to utilize my lunch breaks at school to disturb my brother, who was a teenager then. He was tremendously pissed with me, since I irritated him right when he tried to make an impression on the lady who infatuated him for months on end, during such lunch breaks.

3. #When I was a Kid : I adored the only two Teddy Bears that I had. They were a part of my luggage to every place I travelled with my family.

2. # When I was a Kid : I was infamous for being a bully. I enjoyed it and used to scare the shit out of my fellow classmates (most of them boys), by  letting them know what a class monitor could do. Not much has changed, just that the audience has been restricted to a few currently (YOU know who, :P)

1. # When I was a Kid : I used to love spending time with my folks. I remembering waiting impatiently for Dad’s weekly offs, (Pune had Thursdays off then) and on this one day, we travelled in our Bajaj Chetak to Appu Ghar and made a fool of ourselves by looking at The Laughing Joker (who laughed weirdly for exactly a minute, once a 50p coin was inserted into its chest). We would then have chai and samosas and return home, tired enough to sleep peacefully.

Just as I was about to Sigh with all my eve-dreaming, the compere announced the start of the Essay Writing competition. It was open to students belonging to the 6th right up to the 10th Grade. Now, these were students who studied in co-ed convents and well marketed ICSE schools, so I expected a lot from them. Mentally bracing my language skills, the topic that I randomly chose from a set of chits was Global Warming.

I regretted it thoroughly, when I found a sample like this to check. Joseph Fourier,Wren and Martin must have been turning in their graves when the papers were presented to me. Check this out 😛

“Global warming is a very serious problem. This problem is caused due to the humidity. The gas, carbon dioxide is the cause of this problem.This gas spreads into the air and so is the cause of melting of iceberg and in the increase of the sea-level. If this will go on, then some low lying areas would be vanished in the sea because of the sea level.

Man is the cause of all this destruction. If this problem would not be prevented or lessened, then there would be a serious problem. Man is building a lot of factories and cars, which leave a lot of smoke which harms the environment. The bursting of crackers in Diwali also harms the environment. We know that cars and other things are important for transport. But there are also other things of transport like cycles which do not harm the environment. To prevent all this, we should reduce the number of factories, use cycles or put LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) which doesn’t harm the environment. We shouldn’t burst crackers and celebrate an eco friendly Diwali.

This earth is a gift of God. It is our duty to care for it and not to spoil it.

We should all join hands and take a pledge that we will save our earth and our environment by SAVING GLOBAL WARMING.”

Well, now that I read it, the essay doesn’t seem that bad.

It just appears to be a very misconstrued figment of a kid’s imagination. Doesn’t it? 😀

All said and done, it was an evening well spent. Just a few misconceptions about kids were straightened out during the course of the day. 😉

“Children will be children and technology can only sharpen their minds. Not their innocence.”


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