An Apology Note

I am a little miffed for the past week. Running out of patience is not a usual forté …But then, a person/few people have made me want to crib and vent like never before.

What makes people so close minded? What makes them so stubborn that they cannot see that small gestures include the keys to love/friendship/companionship? Why does it have to be so difficult to overlook small imperfections of your loved ones?

As a child, I was taught that when you see somebody crying, comfort them. When you see someone out of sorts , make them laugh. If you think someone needs a crying shoulder, be patient and listen to them crib. Contribute to love. By loving. Someone provides for material. You shall provide for family.

Having grown up like this, tapping what makes someone happy has not been difficult. But what hurts is the expectation that comes with it. Everybody needs everything. And everybody wants YOU to tweak. Nature, character, communication, etc. And that too, ALL THE TIME!

I wouldn’t mind doing it. But it isn’t always easy.  I hate myself when I become rude.  And so, here’s a little note, for all those people who have gotten to see the rough side of me in the past two days and are foolish enough to think that I don’t care enough.

(This one’s an original by my fellow Konfessioner and quite a writer in the making, Sarang Mahajan)

“What binds two diverse personalities together is a knot.
But what comes off when you tug at the wrong end is also a knot.
Some knots are tied by blood, but what fastens them is love.
Once that is gone, there’s no knot, but just the two lose ends of dangling ropes.
They may rasp against each other, again and again, but the knot is not formed.
The effort goes not in keeping your hand off the wrong cord, but in savoring the bond that is there.
Then, you can trust the knot and take merry swings above a deep valley of thorns and rocks.
For what will never come off by itself is a knot.

(Thanks for letting me borrow this dude)

For the most affected, here’s a little tune to say sorry 🙂

Shorry 😦


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