I want to go back to times when…

1. When “happiness” meant “waiting for a Thursday evening to take a ride on Daddy’s scooter” or “waiting for an entire work week to go by, to meet loved ones on a Saturday

2. When the only things that could “hurt” were “skinned knees” and “burnt finger tips while boiling tea

3. When “dad’s shoulder” was the “only highest place to reach

4. When “drinking” meant “Frooti

5. When “new clothes” meant “Diwali, Birthdays,New Years’ and a new grade at school

6. When “pocket money” meant “money enough to take you through the day

7. When the only things that were “broken” were “toys

8. When “getting high” meant on a “rollercoaster

9. When “stealing” was for “candies

10. When “dreams” were “for a new toy, dress or a good grade

11. When my only “sworn enemies” were my “siblings

12. When going out for “ice cream” meant “someone loved me

13. When “staying up” was to “look outside the window and imagine them thinking about me

14. When “love” meant “a hug

15. When “goodbyes” meant only “until we see each other again

I don’t like me right now. Maybe I am just high.


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