Dream Catcher

I had a dream last night. Was driving through a deserted road, smokin’ my cigar and listenin’ to some good ‘ol country music when it was time to take a leak.

I went to the bushes by the road to relieve myself. I began walking back and that is when I heard a scream.

It was gruff and filled with angst. I looked in the direction of the scream, slowed down, sighed and walked on. Around sunset and a pack of lights down, I chose to lower the sails for the evening and find a motel room to sleep over in. Found one around 20 miles from the spot of the scream. Walked up to the lady at the reception and asked her for a room. She looked concerned and asked me whether she could be of any help. I smiled and nodded to indicate the negative. Went up to the room on the first floor, locked up and decided to take a shower before sleep.

As I bent down to the stream of water gushing down the tap, I heard the voice of the scream again. This time, speaking and shouting somewhere close to the entrance of the motel. I ignored it, rinsed my face with jet cold water, showered and got out to take a much needed lay. There was this strange feeling of someone being outside my door. Alertness made me stiff while I hung on to the feeling hoping it was not what I thought it was.

I could hear ruffling of keys and an attempt to open the door. And while I sat upright on the bed, the door flung open.

A haggard looking man with a cigar in his mouth entered in. He had travelled quite a bit. The dry mud on his beard bore evidence to that. He was holding the side of his abdomen and  winced in a low tone while walking to the side of the bed. On a closer look, I understood he was shot at.

He smiled at me and mentioned, “Howdy” in the same rough voice. Bearing a confused look on my face, I asked him what he was doing here.He smiled and looked at me right in the eye, held my hand and took me to the mirror. A chill ran down my spine.

I had a dream last night. Of death and afterlife.


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