Jhootha Hi Sahi

The Premise

V was in town and after a bit of a celebration, we decided to sleep for some time. The movie posters were convincing enough for us to zero in on the venue 🙂

The Plot

The title of the movie actually stands for its story. Siddharth (John Abraham) is a level headed geeky guy who runs a book shop, Kaagaz Ke Phool (unpredictable, but corny) with the help of his partners and best friends, Omar (Raghu from Roadies) and umm, Some Guy (I dont know his name) in UK … He also has a girlfriend, Krutika (Manasi Scott, who looks the real Kuttika :P)  and has a dear friend, Aliya (Omar’s sister) who keeps covering up for him from time to time.

Life was smooth until the day, a ‘local’ suicide helpline in the UK, Dost India, accidentally switch their number with that of Siddharth.. Realising their mistake, the one running the helpline (Nandana Sen, looking pretty for the first time) asks Siddharth to help during the transition by merely talking to the potential suicide mates and asking them to relax before giving out the new number. This was when Siddharth receives a call from Mishka(played by Pakhi)..

Mishka is the lovelorn damsel who was left in the middle of nowhere by her writer wannabe boyfriend Kabir (Madhavan).. She finds a friend in Siddharth (who could not give out his name, since counsellors dont do that) and begins to look at life with a fresh perspective. In order to make her feel better, Siddharth lies to her about his achievements in life and how adventurous he is. This makes Mishka feel better and she starts afresh with life. A chance co-incidence leads her to Siddharth and the clash between the real Siddharth and Fidatho, the counsellor begins… The truth is finally out and all is well that ends well.

The Conclusion

Abbas Tyrewala, has a penchant for covering mediocre stories and converting them into good looking and well sounding movies. The formula worked with Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa and so it was tried in JHS…But in vain.

The movie is delightful in its dialogues and simple instance narratives. But, it failed miserably when it came to the story. It was completely run of the mill, seen like a zillion times in Hollywood movies in different ways and most importantly, it lacked innovation. At one point in time during the whole story, you would be more interested in knowing the friends more than the lead actors. Raghu had a great big screen debut, playing the role of Omar with much ease. Manasi Scott, acted like the real Kutti -ka and Some Guy played gay well. But, none of them could complete the story in any sense.

Cliched twists make the movie predictable. The return of the ex, the jumping through the Tower Bridge, DostIndia in UK are all dampeners in the story. Pakhi as an actress does justice to her role and is beautiful in some scenes, but as a writer, she’s needs newer and fresher ideas. John Abraham as Siddharth, has peace written all over his face and plays the character, in all earnestness. Not to mention, he does look very very adorable in some scenes 🙂

Overall, the movie can be a Sunday afternoon watch, if you have the time and the inclination. Jootha (as in already tasted) Hi Sahi 😛

My rating : 3/5



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