Bittersweet Adventure Of A Week

Every time something untoward happened to somebody else, I used to have an initial reaction of shock and then indifference. Shock that shit actually does happen and indifference toward the fact, that it could not happen to me. It all changed in the past week.

All geared up for Durga Puja, my expectations off this week were pretty high. That in terms, of happiness and revelry, both of which eluded me in the past month or so..And then the week began :

1. Monday began on a bad note…Work wise (wait, what’s new). It was high entertainment to watch my downstairs neighbour sing God damn well, for Monday night karaoke in a suburban restaurant though. Nothing much to dissect here. End of story, day 1.

2. Tuesday saw me welcoming a new member in my team. What sucked though was the fact that she hails from a place that I had come to know about, the whole of the last year. And it hurt me. To ease off the awkward thought, I met up some girlfriends for the WBC (Weekly Bitching Convention) and to my surprise, actually ended up watching a pretty decent movie! (Eat, Pray and Love… neat and clear, I say.)…. After hogging on some delicious chocolate cakes, I finally sat in an auto and began to think about the next morning, when out of no where, a bike with two people on it, pulls up right next to me, snatches my big black bag…and speeds away. For a second, wait 5 seconds, I was in denial and then it suddenly sunk in… That everything material that I could have ever had, was gone. In a moment.

3.Wednesday,brought with it, the agonies of the realization. From lodging a complaint with the local police to “buying” a new debit card. Everything caused harassment. To top it, the empathy calls, were more than enough to give me laryngitis (out of repeating the stupid story of the “snatch” over and over and over again)..At the end of the day, I felt like an unsung hero. For just being a part of a tragic incident maybe. Jeez.

4.Thursday …..Ahh Thursday, the day when I woke up to some kind of freedom I was not aware of…Until, I checked my Big Blue Bag.. I was ONLY carrying CASH!… It felt like college days.. when all I had was a 3 month first class train pass and a hundred bucks (maybe? yeah 100 bucks)..It was short-lived though, since, I missed my bus and for the first time in 6 years, I had to ask my folks for sieve money. Damn.  What made up for the evening was the brilliance of the second day of Durga Puja and the fact that I would be on an off on Friday 🙂

5.Friday made me fall in love… With the creativity and the merrymaking that Bengalis excel in. It also was a day for some self-satisfaction. Fasting with the family, waiting patiently until everybody finished praying and lunching with the wish of being a part of everybody’s fulfillment was pure bliss. Lonely moments of not having someone special by my side, did not really deter the mood… In fact, it completely made up for some mini adventures of our own …all of which were the highlights of that evening. We hopped over different pandals in the city to take appreciate some really amazing work.. (To check the beauty of the event click here) … The food, the people and the music made me feel in tune with a fair of life.. Regret losing out on Pune this year though. Damn my health.

6.Saturday saw us getting down to the basics of dirty dancing when some Bollywood singer voiced some downright cheap songs to play on the Ninth day of the Puja..Ohh yeah, when they treat us Bengalis with some whiskey and some maacher (feeesh) chops, we forget about our bherry bhig egos and about our kaaaalture  and simply let avaar hair dowwwn. 😛 (No offence people).

7.Sunday sees me here sitting in the corner of my dark room, typing away to my heart’s galore. It has been a pretty mixed week, but what keeps me from frowning is the fact that somewhere deep inside, I have gotten out. Of a rut. My material mind did not regret the loss of an ipod or a pair of gold earrings …but my heart did regret the loss of a cellphone. That had my more than precious messages, some more than happy images and some more than candid snoring sounds..most of which pulled me back to a state of mind, that I have been trying to get off from for the past month or so. Now that I am left with nothing… I get a chance to start all over again. Without all those messages reminding me of what I had been…but with new ideas of what I could be. That without, the conformation of people, whom I never mattered to.

Truth is, I am at the bottom. And I am more than willing to start from here. I plan to get to somewhere, without aiming too high. And hopefully, I won’t have to be alone, this time around. 🙂

–“I am a better person when I have less on my plate.”

Monday morning to strike soon. My coffin calls. Later.


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