It was a cold winter evening…Jenny got out of work and stepped into a bus that took her home. Work tired her. And the journey back home was long.

Looking outside the window, the 30 year old felt the breeze run through her face. She pursed her lips as the days’ stress strained out of her body and prepared her for the evening ahead. With Patrick.

They had been living together for five long years. And in all this time, their love grew fine as wine, but the excitement of a relationship had gone missing. All this, without, having the guarantee of a lifelong commitment.

As the bus traversed its way into the suburbs, Jenny kept thinking about what could be the culmination of her relationship with Patrick… He was humble, lovable and someone who she could not live without…He came with a thought though. Of thorough disbelief in marriages. The more she spoke about it, the more distant he grew and it was this fear that kept her from saying anything about her biggest insecurity. That of losing him.

So, when she walked into their apartment in New Jersey that evening, she was happy at the prospect of seeing him and indifferent towards the upcoming events of the evening. The strained thought was promptly replaced with a grin, but one could understand the lost anticipation in her eyes..Some foam to freshen herself up and she felt cheerful already. While waiting for her man to return, she started folding the clothes that cluttered an otherwise neat room…And right at the bottom of the clutter, lay a really old pair of trousers.The ones she completely despised.

This was the apt time to dispose them off, she thought. A wicked message saying, “You can’t keep them anymore” was sent to the man who owned them. Much to her surprise, there was a casual “At least check its pockets. Be back soon. Love you.” reply to her message.

And there in the left pocket of those old trousers, she found a note. It read,

“Most times, it is the old-er relationships that mean a lot. I love you. And I need you to be happy, for me to even take a chance at being happy. So, what if it will only cost  me a ring and a few more grands to prove it to you? ..So, if you haven’t already changed your mind..WILL-YOU-MARRY-ME?”

She looked at the ring with the grin of a pageant winner, folded the old trouser and placed it in the closet.

Whoever said life was predictable?





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