Do Dooni Chaar

The Premise:

I first saw the trailer of the movie whilst watching Anjaana Anjaani… The plot seemed interesting and so, like a good movie buff, I decided to watch it 🙂

The Plot

Professor Duggal (Rishi Kapoor) is a loyal Mathematics teacher in a school in Delhi. He has a family of four and lives up in a small apartment in Old Delhi. He has no ambitions and believes in the same when it comes to his family as well. He coaches students post work to earn some extra cash. And his mode of transport, remains to be a very humble Bajaj Super scooter, which he loves and maintains from time to time. His children, Sandy and Payal, loathe the scooter and expect to travel in a car, to keep up with the vane Delhi crowd. Duggal, however, resists the idea, until an important event, makes him change his mind. The story of getting the car is portrayed in the movie.


The Conclusion

The movie begins with the voice over of the daughter (Payal) trying to explain the basic character of her father (Santosh Duggal).. She clearly portrayed resentment in his voice and that is when, my empathy with the father began. The story of a middle class family trying to cope with the vanity rampant within the society is brilliant. Especially, when you have to cope with the angst and despair of your own family members (The sister and the children)… Thereafter, trying every mean possible to satisfy everybody’s wishes in addition to keeping one’s morality is simply superb. The story has a very strong message to send out to the generation today.. To expect less and to work harder. And be realistic with life. 🙂

As far as the acting goes, Neetu Singh and Rishi Kapoor, are brilliant as a couple. (Ranbir must be soo proud of his folks) Few times have I seen a couple acting their age, yet showing off their love and camaraderie, so naturally. Totally dug it in, them. The kids played their age. Especially the son, reminded me of a kid from Delhi, who actually took to unethical means, to make up for his expected pocket money.

The surprise element of the entire movie was the name of Arindum Chaudhari as the Producer of the movie… Well, I guess, sometimes, the most inane people get to do some good work.

Overall, the movie is very nice and a must watch.

My rating : 4/5



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