Disclaimer : Contains Adult Content. Suitable for mature audiences only


I was feeling anxious and uninspired. The breath of the drink made its way up my throat. It did not look pretty.

I walked into the room filled with smoke,brimming with laughter and false promises. Moments of nothingness were being projected to look like cheers of celebration. Smell of the rum and visibility of the desperation, almost made me smirk.

I sat by the bar and ordered my shot of unreality with a slice of lime, my mind adrift in thoughts and imaginations.  Any moment now, livid lightnings of what could have been will flash across my surreal sky and transport me into that ugly feeling yet again. I intended to be focussed. Practically, unlike my dreamy excuse for it.

I closed my eyes and listened to the music. The words faded away and all I was left with was the beat of a song pounding against my ear drums..making itself heard. I turned around and looked at the scores doing the same thing. Bobbing their heads.

That was when, I saw him. Sitting in a dark corner of a table, laughing.

He seemed disconnected. His eyes lazily drifted across the room full of smoke, released from carelessly lit cylinders of tobacco. Beneath the sense of self-assured wholeness that he projected, I knew he was broken too.

My heartbeat sped up. Did I find my salvation?

I turned back to the bar and looked at the mirror above it. There was something about him that resembled something in me very much. I could not figure out what it was. The momentary lapse however, did not deter me from looking back at him.

He flicked over me once. His disinterested eyes angered me. The music on the other hand knocked at my eardrums waiting for my mind to open up. It finally did and my body swayed to an inner rhythm which was well choreographed to the music playing in the room that evening.

I took my glass, and stood at a small distance from him, pretending to be into the music. My peripheral vision waited for him to look at me. That look made me want to splash some ice cubes over his face and made me want to inch closer to him…In an unwarranted moment though, I looked at him almost the same time as he did. His uncertainty cleared and he broke into a smile.

That was my sacrifice for the night. There would be more tomorrow, but for tonight, he was all I needed. Though, all along, the thought of us resembling at something, kept my sub-conscience wondering.

I asked him if he wanted to dance. He obliged and within moments, our bodies synchronized themselves to the beats of the music. The soft grazing of our skins, the warmth of our breaths, the occasional ‘intended’ whiff of the musk perfume he wore and his hand on my neck…made us yearn. Made us smile.

Our chemistry, struck a chord of discontent and fire in the hearts of many a woman and that of awe in the minds of the men on the floor.  I enjoyed it while he kept staring at me, with eyes that had a cathartic intent in them.

When the music was about to fade away, I whispered the words he wanted to hear. He held my hand and swung me into a loop till the time I giddied and was about to fall down. He held me by my back, his eyes still intense and flashing a broad smile across his face, as the music came to an abrupt halt. “Lets go”, he said.

I bridled with pride, as the ladies of the room flushed and looked on, in envy. He knew it all. Yet played it cool.

Outside, it was cold…The darkness enfolded the grim waves of the sea that was laid right across the pimp that sold many dreams like mine each day. I looked down upon the wet sand, when he pulled my face and mumbled how beautiful I was… I could only smile back, since it was then, that I realized, what it was like to be the link between somebody else’s yesterday’s dream and tomorrow’s reality.

He gently placed his lips on mine with his eyes closed. I felt him hold my face tight enough to make him feel real. I pulled back in time, to see his eyes filled with a muddled, yet peaceful haze. He grasped me, overpowering my resistance..Sensing it empowered him, I let him be in control. He kissed me once again, this time biting through my lips,in deep.. Better than orgasm, the first taste.

A little show of feminine helplessness yet a shy resistance to the situation, made the air warmer and the lust stronger….He took me to his car and drove us to some place. That was his. The yearning was finally actioned.


I crinkled in the small ray of light that sneaked through the curtains at the break of dawn… Rolling over to the side of the bed, I accounted for all that happened last night..I smiled and looked over to the other side of the bed.

Much to my chagrin, I realized that one resemblance that bogged my then frenzied sub-conscience all evening long.

The link between my past dream and future reality uncannily resembled the face that was solemn in both.

It was not vice-versa, though.


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