Anjaana Anjaani

The Premise

I was tired of the promos. Besides, the songs sounded good..So, meh.

And yeah, I am pissed with PVR. You cannot afford to start screening a movie 30 minutes post the said time.

[On a completely unrelated note, Ranga and Varun, it was sooooo good to see you guys again 🙂 ]

The Plot

The movie began with some really slick photo shots of New York and San Francisco. And a mellow, kinda serious background music …calming me down and making me want to edit the initial expectations, I had off the movie.

And then, my illusions were shattered. 😛

The story revolves around a broke man Aakash (the really ‘normal’ Ranbir Kapoor) and a heart broke-n young woman Kiara (is it me or does it sound like a new diamond jewellery line) played by “Ms-i-am-fascinated-with-hot-pants-Priyanka Chopra”. Both of them decided to jump off a New York bridge , when they bump into each other. A trail of events then follow, which lead to a romantic ending and all is well in paradise. Throw in an extra character (Zayed Khan, looking GOOD as Kunal) and you have a twist in the tale as well.

Moral of the story : “Chances are, that while you are about to give up hope, you find the real reason for yourself to live”..Good thought, but yucky portrayal.


OK, there was no story. Suicide as a theme, needed to be dealt with some more innovation. But, innovating it just till the time it turns into a predictable-run-of-the-mill-mushy movie,  amounts to Cheating.

As far as the acting goes, for the FIRST time…. Wait for it…. Priyanka Chopra is in my good books! Spontaneous and seemingly normal, she looked equally good as the stupid woman and the seductress. Ranbir Kapoor, does prove that he is no novice in acting. And he looked pretty good as the dufus throughout the movie. Just that post the movie, he could’ve put his thinking cap on and vowed never to do a movie with this kind of a story ever again. Feel sad for you, mate. Zayed Khan, according to me, looked really good. Even better was the fact that he had to Talk Less! Works totally!

On the hindsight, the movie is actually a mixed bag of different events just put together to make a light hearted romantic comedy. Much like the Western concept of making these kind of movies. So, if you are someone who wants to shed some stress off the week’s workload, you can watch the movie for :

– To watch Ranbir Kapoor strip to “I am a Disco Dancer” 😀

Its Music: The only saving grace of the movie. Some really good songs like “Hairat” by Lucky Ali and “Tujhe Bhula Diya” by Mohit Chauhan. (The latter one can be found here.) Kudos to Vishal-Shekhar and also to Salim-Sulaiman for the brilliant background score.

Its Dialogues: The dialogues are witty in parts and this was one of the reasons why I would not absolutely negate the movie. The one that comes to my mind right now is the scene where Aakash is trying to turn Blush on.. (watch the movie to check who she is… and then die) and she wouldn’t budge..and Aakash blurted, “All izz well” and he got what he wanted. Really witty that.

Otherwise, this one’s worth a audio CD and a national broadcast in three weeks on Colors.

My rating : 2.5/5 (i don’t rate anything below this, on humanitarian grounds)


Ohh, P.S. : I am sticking to my 26 before 26 plan and will watch Robot over the weekend. Watch this space for a review.


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