26 things before 26!

I was watching the “The 30th birthday episode” of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and it struck me that I will turn 26 pretty soon. Now, the number might seem small, but when you are a single, weird looking, working woman of this age, living with your parents in India…well it does. Why? Cos then you are dangerously close to :

1. Being taunted for not getting married.

2. Being taunted for not contributing towards home activities.

3. Being driven to the point of intolerance with the taunting done in the above two statements.

4. Being condemned for not being “normal”

That is not what I wanted to talk about though. I was thinking about all the things that I wanted to do when I was 20 and are there any of them that I could complete before turning 26. Turned out, there were exactly 26 of them that I could do before turning 26. So in the order of descendence, here they are… I will cross them off when I turn the magic number.

26. Get to the advanced level of playing the Guitar :I have been pushing this off for such a long time. Being a left handed guitarist is difficult at times. No more. By 26, I will know to play at least 10 more songs. Hell yeah.

25. Drive to Goa in the third week of October and relax as much as possible.

24. Give it back to people who scream and shout, the way they deserve it

23. Be less like Chandler in terms of sarcasm and more like Phoebe in terms of being naive. I just learnt that guys, in reality, like smart girls to act dumb. That way “Love” grows. 😛

22. Be good to my parents, like I was until a year back. Remain quiet, not take offence to what they have to say, laugh heartily when accused of not giving them too much attention and go out for walks with them whenever they want me to. All this atleast thrice till 26. (Sorry, anymore would make me feel like 30 already)

21. Stop pub hopping for some time. We listen to the same loud music, look at the same garishly dressed women,drunk and crooning to weird hip hop music. It is time to get less desperate.

20. Visit different places within the city. I went to British Council, the other day to get some tapes of Jim Morrison and I felt so satiated! Next up, would be FTII in Pune to get some nice plays put up by the guys from NSD.

19. Be by the sea most often. Too many turmoils in the past year. To have a cutting and enjoy the not so warm breeze would be fun.

18. Watch every single Hindi and English movie released in the next weeks and write about them. Here.

17. To go make new friends. Yes! The old ones are scattered and so the need to hang out, is becoming important!!

16. Hop onto a catamaran going to Kihim on a Friday evening, stay up in the cottage on the beach and return only on Sunday afternoon.

15. Following 16, also go to Gorai and then to Esselworld and bruise a knee in the ice skating ring.

14. Search for a circus show out here and go there. It has been ages that I haven’t been to one.

13. Make some extra cash. By tutoring students over the weekend, taking table tennis sessions with kids. This will help in managing the cash for no.18

12. Study some more and crack a 750 by 26. By November 18, I would then have a 770 in hand.

11. Learn to sing. I get the tune, but my voice doesn’t reciprocate positively. I have to get my voice in shape for number 5

10. Understand the fact, that everybody is out here with a motive of their own. Nobody will give you what you NEED, unless you give them what they WANT. Again, this would be a long time project. It is important now though, since it will help heal me. Soon.

09. Write at least 10 random posts before 26.  Random. 10. posts. Yes.

08. Buy some classy clothes. Appearance is the ONLY thing that matters, when you need to impress.

07. Get into shape for number 08. This one I hope to definitely tick off.

06. Dance some more. Pick up a random dance form and complete 4 sessions of it, before 26.

05. Make a complete fool of myself by going out and singing Smells Like Teen Spirit on a Karaoke night. That reminds me, I have to search for a Thursday evening Karaoke place here in Mumbai.

04. Cook a nice meal on a Sunday afternoon and invite a bunch of friends over for it. With wine and my parents included. 🙂

03. Learn to let go. People come into our lives with the idea to make us feel safe and loved. Their departure only means, that the feeling is dead.

02. Learn to be kind. A hug, a constant smile, a decent sense of humour, less number of arguments, less attachment and no over reaction, will help in reaching out and in being reached out as well.

01. Like Rachel, I would want to be married by the time I am 28, before that I would like to court the guy for a year and a half or so and take about six odd months to know him and be a friend. So technically, I should be out with a guy right about now. Hmmmmmmm. Lol. Just kidding. My only agenda would be to lookout for myself and Live it Up until the 26th.

“Say goodbye to conventional ways
You can’t escape the hours, you lose track of the days
The more you understand, seems the more like you do
You never get away – everybody wants you”

Now to put this up on my wall.


2 Comments on “26 things before 26!

  1. Hey!! I just made a post and below it, my WordPress recommended your post that might relate. I just read your 26 things before 26 and I really feel you! I just made a list a few days ago about my “must-do” list in life hahahaa. I must say that I am starting to get into blogging again and your post is the first one I’m commenting on after being MIA from the blogosphere! 🙂
    Here is my current blog so you can check it out, too lol.

    • Hey there!
      Woohoo, so there’s finally someone who’s doing a ‘to-do’ list as well!! We all need a bit of direction now, dont we? 😉
      I went through your latest post and in your words ‘ i feel you’ as well!! I want to read more, so you better keep writing, ehh 🙂

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