Happy Budday Hobbes!

Let me tell you a little about Hobbes.

Hobbes is a tall tall man. He has the eyes and body of a leopard and the hair of an orangutan. He has aggression and attitude all over his face and becomes quite a stalker if he ever begins liking someone.

One such unfortunate person was me.

Keeping this mind, I am posting something which he wrote to me way long back in 2008, with the hope that he would get a positive response. It was a mail which read something like this :

First times:

I saw you, I loved you and I am more than willing to give my life to you.

1. I fell in love…almost at 1st sight…definitely in 4 days without doubt.– 17th Nov 08

2. Someone introduced self as Hobbes (I know one in Mumbai, met him– none introduced themselves before I did.) – 9-10am

3. Stole a girl’s number for self – while Namit was shooting darts …9ish evening on 17th.

4. Liked a Bong female …after mamma sooo much. Wanted to know more of her, get closer and like further more…

5. Felt like staring at some1 for hours –18th Nov 08

6. After a long time, dared message and call up someone for personal reasons. – 19th Nov 08

7. Wanted to sit in the cafeteria even after my meal was over – 19th (u me and the kiddo ..Your words were – sum ppl enjoy extra marital relations and never get caught even…have all the luck in the world…I was introduced to GD ,the vacation partner.)

8. Was relaxed when I had to take out money from atm that too in the middle of work (generally I rush it up too quick

9. Went on a walk which I never wanted should end – kotak mahindra bank – 20th Nov

10.Dint want to leave a city and wanted to stay back so much just in a week’s time. – 21st Nov

11. Would have or at least wanted to stay back if someone had held me or my hand. –9-10ish on 21st Nov night.

12. So desperately looked in to ones eyes before parting – 21st Nov

13. Kept msgin so as to if my intentions got clear n that some1 stops me from leaving santacruz airport. – I knew I had fallen…for the last time in this life.

14. Kept thinking over the weekend is this love, infatuation, rebound; lust…all I had to do is ask ma (she is my guiding angel in heaven). Remembered some one while making my only personal expense for office – bought 2, 3 ties. – 22nd n 23rd.nov

15.Told someone so upfront that I cared admired adored and want to love….

16. My dad seeing the love in my eyes went with me to shop after some good months. We bought a baby pink sari with designer blouse for someone…dad still knows it’s for someonez mom…lol – 5th December, Lucknow,evening time.

17. Went across districts on bike to fetch a Banarasi…had never ridden a bike for approx 600 km at a stretch…tat for 1 sari just…was meant to be special. I thought of the sari 1st n then began looking out for it. – 6th and back early morning 7th.Dec

18. Reached office on Monday but felt when would this week be over… – 8th Dec

19. Jumped all over the Delhi airport wherein someone was still believing I wont ever come…would say at the last moment- sorrie cant. (No wonder aam janta says – u aren’t tat beautiful that he keeps coming in every weekend almost…he rite .u rnt just that beautiful…u are soo very beautifull…the epitome of love I could have ever had.  I was only interested in one… 12th.

20. Walked so quickly to meet some one that was gasping and ended up far ahead of Juhu beach.

21. Waited like decades besides JW Marriott yet was very eager n anxious.

22. Watched a Bengali movie with someone …choker Bali

23. I fought a pillow fight in real. Only heard or saw in movies….with someone I would always want to lose.

24. On a shopping spree someone got more importance than me….everything for her …just everything. By now even thou I wanted to negotiate, I within had decided my next car would be swift than safari..

25. Some one slept on my shoulders…i actually maneuvered the shoulder to be placed perfectly…. Just wanted  it to be tailor-made to me n ma shoulders only…thats it.

26. Dint mind waiting for hours outside someone place…ran pillar to post…just to see her

27. For the 1st time it dint pinch missing office. Maybe by then (actually Lynn spoke to me upfront abt someone and my role…so was there was enough of a hint there.) I subconsciously knew this role only happened so that I cud meet someone…realistically so – today I have nothing else from maersk. I liked the smile on seeing me in of…felt the urge while waiting when I was on the way.

28.  Cried for the first time (howled rather) at the santacruz airport…only to hear a sublte cuddly voice . (I love and hear that voice over and over again almost every time I wait in an airport…though mostly the flights wait for me…lol)

29. I knew I had my face towards the wall…but then my almighty always hinted that this was to happen…everything has challenges and obstacles are meant to be crossed. OC good bad…then the dream on 18th Dec –Thursday

30. Smoke 39 cigs…till 3 am..got up again to be with u at 5ish..wanted to make sure you were with me by then…enough was enough.

Hahaha, you were pretty crazy. But one of the very firsts in my life was to really find someone who was as unpretentious, crazy to the point of madness and more importantly, fairly compassionate to be liking me.

I know you probably are all settled and are happily willing to get married, but these were good times, that I will always cherish. And so will you! I have given you enough sadness and bitter words, for you to remember me by!!!!! Just Kidding. You know we are buddies. And will always be.

For the sake of the reader’s patience, I quit here. Happy Birthday once again Hobbes. You are still my guardian angel 😉

My coffin calls for now. Later!


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