I wish life had…

1. A microphone

To think aloud, from time to time.

2. More hands to reach out to

To make me happy.

3. More phones without Caller IDs

To call them without letting them know that you exist. And feel good, that they still do exist for you.

4. Recognition

One smile of faith. Makes all the difference.

5. Hearts for sale..

So that if one broke, another one can replace it. Without the Conditions Apply bit..

6. Passion

When lips meet out of love and desire. Not just out of… need.

7. Higher Definition

To be or not to be.

8. Freedom From Thought

Helps serve all purposes. Doesn’t it?


3 Comments on “I wish life had…

  1. Gosh you can actually sit and define ‘Wish i had ‘ and it is just 8 things cute 🙂
    Right now for me the biggest wish is ‘ I wish i could understand HIM .. 😉

    Cheers J

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