Organizational Eff-ing Development

My Jerry Maguire alter ego is alive today. And I am typing this down, maybe in a fit of mindless stress at work and some probably out of the despise that has lately come into my thought of working.

I work with the Human Resources team out here. And I am responsible (at least I would like to think) for Learning and Development within the organization. And while, putting in things together day in and day out, there is a certain loathing in my mind against the outlook we keep toward learning and organizational development in organizations, here in India. The disinterest isn’t about my firm alone, but in general, about how organizations work.

Everybody works only towards the achievement of their KRA’s (Key Role Areas, for the less educated) all through the year. What hurts is the fact, that it is a major practice for human resource teams as well. Honestly, I could slog my life out and earn my requisite recognition in that Performance Management Discussion with my manager and later earn the bonus, that comes along with the acknowledgement of my slogging. But the question here is, would I only want to do it for the money?

I was reading this very interesting article on how top performers actually think and a few days later I was shown this video (thanks Pinchi) which exactly echoed what my subconscience spoke in my ears while working.. Here’s the link..

Now there are three kinds of top performers that I can recognize : The ones that perform only for the moolah, the ones who perform for the recognition and the last kinds that are plain intelligent and know to do their work well. The third kinds are the ones who would blend anywhere and still earn the money, as well as do something good about their lives. We as human resource people, look at high potential exits and think that, by just offering monetary rewards we can retain people. Yes, it would work for the first kind, most definitely. But we probably, dont realise that such people are like cats. Unfaithful and always on the prowl for the better. Hence, more often than once, do we forget to groom the ones in oblivion and focus more on the ones who honk their work horns all over the place.

Organizational development does not only include employee engagement alone. It holds the key to successful retention : personal relationships.  What would one really be bothered about when they get inducted onto a new role ? When their next paycheck is coming in or boy oh boy, would I get to learn something more here? Only proper personal relationships would ensure that the feeling is kept alive both within the individual, then the team and in turn manage performance! And this should only increase as the organization sizes decrease. This ofcourse, without compromising on our integrities. That is how,successful employer-employee partnerships are built ,which in turn, builds an organization without too much effort from the human resources, to be very frank.

What I was told initially when I began work was that, “Hey A, nobody is married to an organization you know, so work as much as you can.. stay within your limits, keep your boss happy and you’ve got what you want”… There is so much to just that when you work. The simple pleasures of the job come from the tiniest gestures and that so often gets unnoticed, that it is almost painful.

Anyway, the short of my thought (in Jerry Maguire’s words) is that “We must embrace what is still virginal about our own enthusiasm, we must crack open the tightly clenched fist and give back a little for the common good, we must simply be the best versions of ourselves… that goodness will be unbeatable and the money will appear...”

On a totally different note…. I LOVE my organization. Please don’t judge me by this post and fire me.

* Awkward scary smile turning into a kitty plea *

* Sigh *


2 Comments on “Organizational Eff-ing Development

  1. Interesting. You really should do an MBA in HRM from XLRI Jamshedpur. When they ask you “Why HR?”, give them a link to this post. 🙂

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