Not just a Family

The Prelude :

Probably, the only reason why I wanted to watch We Are Family was to see how Kareena Kapoor and Kajol pair up onscreen. Not forgetting ofcourse, the incredibly hot Arjun Rampal. * Drool *

The Premise

I get the creeps when the Karan Johar production credit roll (stupid Kuch Kuch Hota Hai tune) plays right at the beginning of a movie. Puts me in serious doubt about the high definition sob stories about to be included in the movie. So, when it first appeared on screen, I was pretty apprehensive.

But I was very pleasantly surprised, when the movie opened with a very melodious song and an absolutely beautiful panorama of Australia/US, not forgetting the very good looking couple (Kareena and Arjun Rampal) adding their charm to the song. I had a good feeling about the movie. But that was it.

What enfolded then, was a horribly made remake of “Stepmom”. Kajol plays the role of Maya (quite obviously a favourite name in all of KJo’s movies)  , the already estranged wife of Aman  (Arjun Rampal), who remains in touch with him, for the sake of their three children (who are impeccable with their Hindi, despite livin’ in Australia).  Aman introduces his girlfriend, Shreya (Kareena Kapoor) to the family; his kids throw a series of tantrums to prove that Shreya cannot be a good mother and then she isn’t allowed to come close to Maya’s family. Episode 1.

In the meanwhile, Maya realises that she is terminally ill. (Cervical cancer) …She conveys this to Aman and he decides to move back with the family, leaving Shreya in a lurch, without letting her know anything . Episode 2.Intermission.

While realising that she is going to die, Maya decides that Shreya could be a good mother if “trained” and so she gets her home, only to begin a series of clichéd events which then let the entire family know that Shreya can be a fun mother as well and that Maya can rest in peace. She actually rests in peace and thats about it to the story.

The Conclusion:

I dont see why this movie was made in the first place. I mean, people make movies, to represent their perspective on a certain issue or maybe just make movies to make the audience laugh. This movie is doing neither of these! It is a remake of an already clichéd Hollywood movie..and to call it funny would be an insult to the genre itself. Sure, the movie has its tender moments , but those are about it! Abysmal music, some scenes that were really uncalled for…did I mention Kajol’s horrible version of the Jailhouse Rock (in Hindi)? …And on top of that, the unconvincing stubborn acting by the kids…Brings me back to… Why?

My opinion is that all three actors were in a desperate situation to prove their acting skills somewhere and hence they all decided to go to the baap of melodrama, Mr.Karan Johar to get them some sob story which they can work on… Kajol probably was bored of not having a National/Filmfare award, so she decided to act this one out. Kareena still wants to show that she can play mature characters and yes she succeeded in it, just that she came across as someone who dwelved into Julia Roberts’ skin way tooo much… so much so that her expressions seemed carbon copied.

I liked Arjun Rampal opening his mouth, at least this time. He was demure and understood that his role would have less footage and somehow did justice to it. Until he began crying. The * drool * just got dry as a result. Daymmn.

My rating, therefore : 2/5

This surely qualifies as a first date movie. As a guy, you could do anything, right from blushing,  to aimlessly munching popcorn and lending a crying shoulder to your date, all in the span of 2 hours..

Unless ofcourse, you would want to spend two hours drinking and actually getting to know someone new.



6 Comments on “Not just a Family

  1. The only KJo movie I ever watched was Kuch kuch and that too only for half an hour. When will he realise that there is more to India than Indians living in a foriegn land and there is more to creativity than remaking some english flick.
    Thanks for the review. Will skip this one too…like always.

    • well… Kuch kuch was the flagship movie you i managed to watch the movie..

      Post that, well, Mr.Johar really needs to do some groundwork on making movies.
      Thanks for reading!

  2. “I don’t understand why this movie was made.”

    Exactly what I was thinking. I’d rather see step-mom in original instead of this total and blatant copy of it…which, obviously, has no relevance at all here.

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