For the brotha’ now

As a kid, I did not have too many happy memories of my brother. In fact, he was my only enemy then, the one who wanted to invade my land of dollies and spoil my doll-house. There never was one day, when I was not left searching for something that mattered to me. I used to hate him. And vice versa. So much so, that whilst in kindergarten, there were prayers from my end, to get him beaten up by mom, so that he remained quiet and did not disturb me 😛

While growing up, he reflected  wickedness of a different kind. Quick to grasp that I was shaping  up into a rebel and also that he had a staunch follower in me, he made me do things easily. How? INSTIGATION. Plot, convince and poke. That is how we got our first walk man,  PC, home theater, etc.

When that did not work anymore, he assumed I was all grown up and thats when he chose to become friends with me..It began with his choice in music. I was introduced to Western music in 8th grade when he showed me, Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun and its burning Barbie doll on a barbeque video on MTV. He then introduced me to table-tennis (which later became an integral part of who I grew up to be)..and then slowly but steadily led me onto who he really was. A shy yet mischievous fella, stern as a General yet a hardcore romantic at heart, a precarious planner inspite of being an adventurer in mind. Not to forget, a very “humble” good looker, but a very arrogant character 😛

Over the years, we’ve grown different as people, but better as friends. We’ve exchanged roles now, where I get to be the stable one and him the rebel. And although, we’ve grown apart in distance, the memories are enough to fall back on 🙂

So for you mate, I would remember all the days when I made you cry; whether, the day I screamt at you for being the perfect one and taking away my happiness while growing up or the days when you woke up to see my table tennis trophy next to your pillow with a dedication note handcrafted for you (and how I removed it before you woke up ‘cos you might think it would be too girlie for me to write something emotional). I would cherish the times when we aimlessly played squash against the apartment walls, all those moments when you ruthlessly convinced me to take Life Sciences up despite being awesome at Mathematics (yes, the revenge is still pending) ..the times you flummoxed  out on confronting the fact that your best friend was probably in love with me or when you very clearly understood the worst time of my life. These times in addition to the ones when you put me through hell, by showing me the mirror, are etched onto the soul [with the exception of the most important one being etched on my neck :D]

Your complexity perplexed me. But now, when I stand where you stood once, I see how lonely you were then and how you’ve made sure that I never felt that way.

We’ve come a long way mate. And in all my rough times, the only solace I seek is in you.

My brother. My confidante. My hero. 🙂


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