We have a new addition!!

Being a nocturnal helps sometimes. Was sitting by my window, the other night when suddenly, I see an auto pulling up to my building entrance. Surprised, considering that hour of the night, I wondered who it was who worked/partied so late. And then, out of the auto stepped two fine young men of a foreign origin… Painstakingly handsome, the guys  were tired and visibly, jet lagged. They moved into the flat just below mine and for the first time in my sane life, have I thanked the Almighty for such a gift of life. 😛

However, I ain’t putting this down, to share my happiness. I am writing to thank all the people residing in the building to make life so beautiful for these two people…

I woke up on Saturday morning to find my dear father addressing people’s grievances over foreigners residing in our building. Reasons? “They are foreigners, they have to do drugs.. They are foreigners, soon, they will have their girlfriends living with them.. We have daughters as well, what if they lure our daughters” .. To all of these, I kept thinking…”Wow, the foreigners, will indeed have a lot of time. Not only will they do foreign substance instead of working, they would also woo the daughters of the residents; all of them, who are equivalents of Bipasha Basu, Sushmita Sen and Aishwarya Rai, ofcourse.” Damn!

This was ofcourse, one sect of people who were just not very happy about someone coming over to steal our jobs. The other sect was the more entertaining one. These were the people who were enamoured by the fact, that foreign nationals have actually come down to India and that this would be an opportunity to flash their inflated morales to the rest of the world (which majorly comprises of the next door neighbours, the next building, “Facebook” buddies, etc. ).. Soon after , I see a bunch of people, talking to the tired people, about their work, their reason to shift to India and explaining how the country is not a land of snake charmers anymore, blah blah and blah. How do I know it? My next door neighbour spoke to them on her way back from her “morning walk” (I wont be surprised if she may have begun walking just that day).. She went beserk over their hygiene (in a good way, thankfully) and mentioned how neat they were in their dressing (I wonder how she noticed that. She is just 58 though. Anyway)

In the middle of all of this, I happened to leave home to get some air ..On my way down, I looked at the lil’ Korean fella and his haggard face. His room mate and him looked like a pair of new chimpanzees in the zoo and that spectators have come to see only them as a part of their weekly zoo visit.

I felt sad for them. Empathetic, would probably be a better word in this case. It also made me wonder, whether the first impression that a foreign immigrant carries when he enters the country is actually right? We have so much frenzy over them,that I wouldnt be surprised, if the newcomers find the country to have the worst reception ever.

We need to get a life, people. Seriously.

Leave the rest to me 😛


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