I am in love with a little boy called Naman. He smells of Johnson’s baby powder and has little chocolate smudges around his lips most of the times that I meet him. He simply refuses to look me in the eye, to keep me wondering whether I have done something wrong to hurt him.

Naman and I meet most Saturday mornings..I walk into the garden and he is busy playing with friends. I watch him from a distance, him and his little fingers, his small eyes devoid of malice. I wish I could hold him and give him a big hug, but stop in my tracks only to realize that I do not have a reason to do so..

Today, as I sat on the porch, with my legs dangling and the raindrops tapping on my umbrella gently, I saw him walking alone into the garden. He wore a bright red,transparent raincoat, which further accentuated his already pink cheeks. He dragged his feet, looking down at the ground, clearly indicating his unhappiness over how he was left alone to play this morning. He looked at me. And maybe for the first time, I gave him a reassuring smile letting him know that I was free to play and that my mommy did not stop me from venturing out in the rains. But he did not notice.

A few moments later though, he came running to me asking for help. Surprised and happy at the same time, I asked him what he needed help for. He showed me to this dog, who was walking towards him. It was meek and wet in the rain and probably needed help with some food. But for Naman, it was this lethal canine all set to pounce on him. He stood right behind me, holding my hand, while I pretended to shoo the dog away.

Thereafter, I had the most wonderful conversation I could have ever had. He told me about his school, his several “best friends” there, the name of his school teacher,his favourite WWE wrestler and of course, his family.

Full of life as he was, he walked home with me,  while I told him how to know the difference between an angry dog and a meek dog. He heard me patiently and it was then that I realized that he did not care whether it was an angry dog or a sad dog. He was just scared of dogs in general.

I managed to get a kiss on my cheek before he went into the building. And it was the best possible morning I have had in a very long time. 🙂

It is always when people are in trouble or despair, that they seek help. The ones who quietly stand by such people without asking them much, are the ones who are touted as “guardian angels”. They do not come with a tag of age or intention. And their timing is impeccable. They, in turn, end up adding to their list of admirers every day.

Naman has one such admirer in me for sure.


3 Comments on “Naman

    • haha, everybody has their goods and their bads.. the cynics that we are, we always lookout for the flipsides 😉
      besides, you have a uterus girlie, you are bound to love kids, maybe much later.. but yeah, you will get there 🙂

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