A Letter.

June 14th,2010

0015 hours while I pen this, right after I sent you the 4-message long SMS wishing you success. It kinda sucks to know that a carnal world is waiting to wish you on your day, but there is also the happiness that I will soon get to see you while they will not (softly doing the mwuahaha)..Imagining it at times makes me want to look at myself (with a hand on my chin and raising my eyebrows the Clint Eastwood style), open my eyes and get back to inking my thoughts in this paper diary of mine.

I have packed your stuff.. the watch, the cufflinks, my ornamental girly pen (nah, thats not for you 😛 ) and the flowery “With Best Compliments From” card to paste on your gifts. It is weird how much effort I put into your wishes while I just walked into Sports Bar one evening to celebrate most of my special days. I swell with pride sometimes to see myself being selfless. Me. Selfless. Nice.

As I look around the room, I see the light dimly lit in one corner and the darkness outside the window ..Yet there is something jubilating about this otherwise “dreamy” night. I dont know what it is..A bittersweet twine of anticipation and happiness, I guess.

I wonder how you celebrated your birthday when you were a kid (were?) … Were you stubborn enough to get your gift from Daddy every year or were you the kid who waited patiently for a big creamy cake which had your name on it? Did your eyes still look droopy when you got tired of all the games you played those evenings or did you just hang around Mom trying to have a go at the potato chips that were being served to the entire neighbourhood? Did you manipulate your loved ones with puppy eyes then as well? How would it be if I were around you as a kid? Maybe I would still keep observing you like I do now…With me seated high up on the society wall and vigorously dangling my legs in restlessness.  The thought of it makes me want to rewind to my childhood. With you in it.

You know, Baba used to tell me, that people always surprise loved ones with things they were never surprised with… I couldnt understand it initially, since I thought why would someone expect things in return if they take the decision to surprise someone by themselves.. The keyword that he used to mention more than often was Subconsciously. I know what he meant now. 🙂

As I write these last few lines, I also think what it would be like for you to live these moments that I have been living and what would you think about them. You will have my thoughts in your hand. Strange, but beautiful.

Having said all this, I also want to wish you a very hopeful 27. May there be lots of Megan Foxes (man it actually turned out to be Foxes, ehh ? :P), a few Robins and lots of “In a relationships” around you to unwind after a hard day’s work in office. May there also be an unlimited 4 month shower of money and beer, enough to make you drive to some more exotic places, that are pristine enough for you to look forever young and photogenic :P…

Good Night.Sweet dreams.

** I was asked about why I didnt write letters to them who were written to everyday. Guess, they dont realise that celebrities are always written to, in secret **

P.S. : We live in a cynical world. A cynical world. Hanging in there sometimes needs inspiration. Thank you for being there.


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