Five Things this World Cup

Yeah yeah I finally write about the  FIFA World Cup. I tried hard to keep away from the temptation, but soccer has gotten the best of my greed this year.  🙂

I thought of putting up the five things that have held most significance this soccer season. From MY perspective (for all the people ready to dispute it even before it is put up on the blog).. Here goes.

5. The Anthems

The World Cup songs churned out this leap year have been simply FANTASTIC ! What is weird though is that these songs were aired three months before their release. Wavin’ Flags by K’Naan and Shakira’s awesome Waka Waka has made the world do the Waka Waka with their flags wavin’ high in the stadium!!

Everybody, right from telephone service providers to jersey sellers, are using these anthems to sell their respective products. Amazing how such marketing tactics work as well 🙂

For those, who havent done the Waka Waka yet, click here (better late than never I say 😛 )

4. Mayanti Langer

From the Catholic office boy to the closest of friends, I have heard this name time and time again. Now I have always been one of those people who switches the television only when the game begins. And then one day on constant insistence from awestruck people, I managed to watch the pre-match reviews.

Here she is ..

Umm, she did manage to set the screen sizzling basis her looks. Coming from her football background though, I think she needs a huge improvement in her diction and secondly, her delivery of knowledge of football.

Ms. Langer has impressed me only on one specific thing. She mentioned that Theo Walcott (Arsenal striker) should have gotten a place in the English squad this World Cup. I agree! He sure would have added some amazing goaling stunts for the very aged English team 🙂

Apart from that, whether I get impressed or not, is not of any concern. Right guys?

3. Funny News :

This one takes the cake for me!! This season, I have heard the most hilarious news some of which are as under :

– A lingerie model from Paraguay (Larissa Riquelme) promised to run naked if her countrymen brought the cup home. To which I say, cheap trick! She wouldn’t ever have made that statement had she been a German or Spanish model.  She did set a few zillion hearts praying for Paraguay though 😛

– Our very own Sherlyn Chopra had promised to dance in a bikini if Argentina won over Germany. For some reason, I have ALWAYS seen Sherlyn dance in bikini like clothes! I wonder how creative she would have got had Argentina won… Nevertheless, another very big prayer turned down for a few million Indian men. 😀

– A two year old octopus named Paul, has reached celebrity status online, after he predicted back to back German wins in the World Cup. And people ofcourse, believe it. It could be tastier food being placed on the flag, it could be a trained octopus (its Germany, anything is possible) .. But no, it had to be touted as SUPERNATURAL for Paul to place itself on the German flag. I am sure it would be killed, if it predicted a Spanish win for the semis tomorrow ..Still some time for it though. It just set me thinking, if we would have to have such an animal to predict “Supernatural” things here (apart from the famous parrot that is), it would have to be the black-faced monkey. Basis the number of banana skins it would throw near the Indian flag, we could predict stuff like how long would it take for India to win the Gold medal in Olympics, us winning the FIFA World Cup etc. I guess we would soon have a new reality show, named Desh ka Pehla Mukhya Monkey to select the country’s first Lucky Monkey. Huh.

May people who provide such entertainment be deprived of some more sense and made to appear on Indian media more often 😛

2. Injuries  and Dropouts:

On a serious note, this WC has seen a chunk of the good players have either been dropped out or have been ruled out because of injuries. A list of them that I noticed and miss badly are :

– Michael Ballack (German captain, midfielder) –> Shoulder injury

– Rio Ferdinand (English captain,defender) –> Groin injury (I think the entire English team must have got one post their loss to Germany)

– David Beckham (English midfielder) –>Achilles tendon (of all the wannabe injuries! Jeez.)

– Andrea Pirlo (Italian midfielder) –> Calf injury (no use talking now)

– Rene Adler (German Goalkeeper) –> Rib Injury (A good successor to Oliver Kahn, sad part being he always did play under his shadow ..Missed)

-Simon Rolfes (German midfielder) –> Knee Injury (Quality action missed)

-Theo Walcott (English Striker) –> Dropped out. Huge loss.

-Ronaldinho (Brazilian Striker) –> Wouldve made a difference. Just a thought.

Ironic fact is that most of the injured players are from Germany and yet the country managed to rip its opponents apart during the WC quarters.


The newest and by far, the MOST IRRITATING concept created in the history of the tournament. Why in God’s name would people want to keep making weird trumpet like noises? The noise in the stadium sounds like zillions of mosquitoes buzzing in harmony. To add to this, the weird fart like noise of the Vuvuzela.

What is extremely funny is Youtube’s version of the Vuvuzela. Anything you dislike during a video, can be Vuvuzella-ed.. I wonder if we can Vuvuzela the Vuvuzela. Damn, we cannot.

At the end of these things however, I think, South Africa has done an impeccable job in hosting the WC. It has been more than special for me, for having shared it with people who have some sense of the game and Dad, who passed the soccer passion onto me.

I have my bets placed firmly on Germany and then Spain. Let the best team (among the two :P) win.

Work calls for now.



6 Comments on “Five Things this World Cup

  1. Heh, good read. I actually like Waka Waka, though it sounds silly as hell!

    One thing you missed out was probably the number of high profile referee errors, and FIFA’s disregard to technology. High profile errors have (arguably) prevented at least 2 teams (that I can think of) from going to the next round.

    One more ironic thing was that France qualified for the WC by virtue of a Thierry Henry handball, which was condemned throughout the world. Uruguay qualified for the semi-final by virtue of a Luis Suarez handball, robbing Ghana of a semi-final place, but the backlash was minimal. His team-mates and coach said that he didn’t cheat, and his home country hailed him as a hero. Hmm…

    • waka waka in marathi would mean “bend bend” 😛
      well, these arent SIGNIFICANT. Has been common… Referee errors have been there since the time I started watching the game. FIFA’s disregard to technology to me, is acceptable. Why? ‘cos it spoils the zest of the game.
      look, the handball from Suarez was very similar to the one of Maradona in 92. What matters at the end of the day is that every team somehow or the other fouls and still wins or loses the ball game! The hailing is temporary. He will be pelted with stones when he gets back home, just like felipe de mello. Time relative. Such things.

  2. Hahaha…. So funny
    1) without even looking at the link about the soccer anthems I am sure that it is the mallu aunty singing waka waka on some weirdass videos going on the back screen
    2) mayanti langer – yea thanks that you did not say anything derogatory ’bout her. I would have taken offence. 😛
    3)mukhya monkey: hahahaha btw India already has a gold medal in the olympics. Have you forgotten silverspoon fed mr Bindra?
    4) injuries – yea sad. But you forgot to mention the number of red cards we have seen this season
    5) vuvuzela: aww….. Why can’t we play vuvuzela during a vuvuzela video! That would have been so awesome. Oh god I so love that symphony. Makes it so much easier to tell a Firang how house flies sound. 😐

    • 1. for once it was waka waka 🙂
      2. i have really NOTHING to say about her. eye candies remain that ways. for the eyes only 😛
      3. i ofcourse meant some more gold medals.. mr.bindra is shooting his targets by appearing in sona chandi chavanprash ads.
      4. speaking of red cards…i think you maybe right by the end of it..lets wait and watch
      5. you cannot vuvuzela a vuvuzela… trust me, it resonates in my ears like a f***ing tuning fork. and you know what, for some stoopid reason, Firangs would love it! :X

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