The Rains have just about Begun..

And :

1. I have had Roadrashers splashing water over me. Thrice.

2. The roads have already been waterlogged.

3. I have already met two good samaritans. (One who lent me a free autorickshaw ride and one who had a fresh new towel to spare for me )

4. Since we are on autorickshaws, three of them managed to strand me in the middle of heavy rains, leaving me with a sore head and a wet day.

5. The Meteorological Department has declared a “High Tide” day twice (as if there were no high tides all this time)

6. I managed to Stand under my one  giant umbrella with two others taking shelter.

And I still have to :

1. Take a long long walk by the lakeside.

2. Eat hot pakodas by the roadside near the sea.

3. Have a hot cup of coffee with close buddies and reminisce good times.

4. Fool somebody to get them drenched in the rains.

5. Buy new colourful gumboots.

6. Bunk work for a day citing “transportation problems due to heavy rains” or call in sick.

* grin *

7. Write some letters and send them to people across the world.

8. Snuggle up on a Saturday afternoon and read a gripping book or watch something entertaining.

9. Stand under one umbrella, Raj Kapoor – Nargis style and look at some person. And then comment on how lame we’ve become.

10. Take a weekend trip to all the getaways possible over all the weekends possible and take some nice photographs  🙂

Ahh, I so love the rains 😀


9 Comments on “The Rains have just about Begun..

  1. So do you want me to hold the “umbrella” up all while it rains? It might be a little taxing y’know. 😛

    • Ohh no, before the romance, the umbrella flies away … and it only opens up before the rains 😛
      So yeah, let it blow away, while you serenade 🙂

  2. Point 9 on to do list:
    Can I play Raj Kapoor? With the hot Nargis around?

    Very refreshing post! Loved it.

    • Hahaa… which “around” are you talking about? Work or home? 😛
      Besides, would you really want to be told after being as romantic as Raj Kapoor, that you are lame? 😛
      I dont mind playing the role of the umbrella in the meanwhile 🙂

  3. Love this blog and esp this post.

    And you forgot about inviting all the wet puppies and kittens in nthe verandah and playing some crazy game like pithoo or football in the mud.It adds another dimension to the fun.

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