Waking up..

A whiff of dampness in the breeze woke me up this morning. I rolled out of bed and opened my window curtains, only to find an overcast version of the morning awaiting my part of the world…

Looking up at the sky, I see fewer birds than a week back..Grandma used to say, birds have a premonition of most things. That made them so scared and cautious. Her tainted smile haunts my thought as I get myself a cup of coffee..

It will be a slow day, I thought.

A gloomy day invariably has its own blues.. The brew tried its best, only to enervate my senses further..My mind, for once, was completely blank..

As I walk out of home to begin work, the traffic beeps at its loudest best and wakes me up from the numbness that the day had begun with..The last seat of the bus has me on it and as people and vehicles make their way by my side, I close my eyes to wander off.. Somewhere.

There is something that is bothering me. Not so much as a worry, but more like anticipation overwhelming the blank frame of mind that I was in..

The subconscience actively brings images upfront for me to see… These include elicit glimpses of different times, good and bad..The last image freezes to the present, chafing my already heightened discomfort…I sweat profusely and in my fit of being excoriated, I wake up with a startle.

The whiff of dampness in the breeze had woken me up. The morning was here..

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