The Prelude

Raajneeti has been the most awaited movie of the year, in terms of a thought provoking storyline and a heavyduty starcast capable of doing wonders with their acting skills.

So, when Calvin and I walked into a full house on Sunday afternoon, we had high expectations from the movie. (Switching off our cellphones was just a sign of the due respect that we had anticipated for the movie ūüėõ )

The Premise :

The movie began with a sombre narration of the two families involved in the political scenario of a region. (Madhavpur as a constituency is in Bihar and MP both..but no, this in UP!).. Bhanu Pratap and Chandra Pratap are brothers, but their sons are rivals, each strong in their own character. Now although, the characters were drawn in parallel to the characters in the Mahabharata, my observation was that only the characters of Arjun and Karna were absolutely inspired. The characters of Yudhishtheer and Duryodhana were not even close to being portrayed in the movie.

Coming back to the premise.. During the golden era of the party, the head has a paralytic attack. The head then nominates Arjun Rampal (Prithvi Pratap) and his father (Chandra Pratap) as the interim heads, completing ignoring his son Virender Pratap’s (Manoj Bajpai) plea for making him the Party President. Rage leads to power struggle and the interim head is shot dead while dropping his son (Ranbir Kapoor,pursuing PhD in Sub Textual Concept of 19th century Victorian poetry???????) at the airport. Samar Pratap, therefore, stays back.

Then began, the slow¬†manipulation of an otherwise reticent individual.. Eliminations of each of the enemies then takes place with amazing tact and like Arjun’s character in Mahabharata, Samar Pratap finally takes the win of good over evil.

In all of this, however, we cannot miss Katrina Kaif’s vague¬†role as Indu Pratap and Sarah Thompson’s role as Samar’s girlfriend.

The Conclusion :

Finally, a good movie! Prakash Jha’s storyline has been very subtlely blended according to¬†The Mahabharata and The Godfather in the Indian context. What is striking though in the movie, is that everyone has almost the same amount of footage like the other (except Ranbir Kapoor, who had the most number of scenes to enact).. And except Arjun Rampal, everybody did equal justice to their roles! Arjun Rampal, in his desire to make a mark, has ranged from an angry loud¬†man to a loudly braying donkey in some scenes (Maar daaalungaaaaaa, kaat daaalungaaaa sounded like mdfhsdfjdhfd—braaaaaaaaaaay :P).. I personally liked Nana Patekar and his no-nonsense attitude in pulling out of giving unheeded advice to people. The maturity of Ranbir’s role, captured throughout the movie¬†was also well portrayed..Inspiring ūüôā

With crisp editing, very good acting and immaculate direction, Raajneeti will make the clever clap their hands and the dumb will just be highly impressed. My rating = 3.5/5

Just A¬†Question, Though…

– What is with the men in UP and “conception” … Right from the beginning of the story, everyone who has to die or leave later, leaves an “ansh” in our women to breed! Classic clich√©, Jha ji.. Too much inspiration from the¬†Mahabharata?

Nevermind .. Happy viewing!


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