Answer this!

I have a question and have heard ‘n’ number of stories revolving around the concept of best friends and marriages. Thought of putting this up to observe your perspective. Go on and vote! If you have a comment, post it here and we can have a discussion on this 🙂

Frankly, I dont think best friends could be awesome spouses. Manipulation (due to knowledge of everything about the other) can be a major outcome of such a relationship. The latter becoming friends is quite a possibility 🙂

Anyway! Let me know!

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7 Comments on “Answer this!

  1. Both my former girlfriends were first my best friends. I guess we were (or rather, I was) just not mature enough to make it work. We learn when we fall, don’t we?

  2. Hey Lady.. the concept is not impossible.. why i tell you
    to be in a relation we need to trust and we trust only those who are your friends .. now the adjective best is
    a variable can change.. FRIEND is the key word.. and
    spouse is somebody you share everything with so why
    cannot she/he be you FRIEND.. just because he/she knows everything about you .. na.. knowing can be seen in a different way to it can be a mutual understanding..Ok you have used the word manipulation and that word is termed as a negative,,
    why use the word .. you know something a toddler
    also manipulares everyone round him , we call it
    sho..sweeet : ) , so someone who is your spouse
    will definetly be person of your choice so why not
    be friends…

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