The beauty of life lies in the smallest things in life, they say. Every morning as I wake up, the bright blue sky seems to be acknowledging me in the brightest possible “hello” ever…And I always smile faintly, slowly crawling out of bed thinking of another gruelling day at work..

If I ever look back at every hour’s activities of my day, all I can see is disappointment in the eyes of every living being ever related to me… People who want to be cared for, people who just want to be acknowledged and people who truly look up to me for love..They do sound like a lot of them sometimes.. They arent that many actually..

For a change, I felt like giving it back the way they wanted it to be.. Smile back at the face of dawn, hug mom to acknowledge her as a blessing in my life.. pat Pa as he gears up to go walking.. Greet the watchman with a flashbulb light smile..Thank the driver who reaches out for me in the heaviest of traffic (:) ) ..Look back at that liftman who day in and day out sits on the stool ferrying people up and down..Give him a faint smile of approval.. Take the admin guy out for a smoke break, just to make him realise that Gudaang Garam is nothing but a clove flavoured cigarette.. It didnt take much.. Yet it did wonders..

Until yesterday, I used to listen to slow songs on the iPod thinking about when the day would end… A smiling face and small gestures made the day breeze past through me.. The head opened up to absorb much more happiness radiated from someone else’s face than mine.. For once, every worry I could have ever had, melted away. Satisfaction bought peace.  And realisation struck..

“It isnt very important to do many magnificient things to make someone feel loved; for they never expected that from me in the first place. A sense of reassurance and just an occassional holding of someone’s thought trail is enough to make them happy, even if for a moment…Such people come to your rescue, when you feel the least enthusiastic on a given day..

I may not do the same things again and again, and hence everything I mentioned above may not be repetitive.. But what I will keep in mind though is the fact, that life in itself is a continuum of small, more importantly, unsaid gestures.. They only act as hints, to make you feel special in the long run.. ”



2 Comments on “Gestures

  1. This may sound sexist, but I’ve always felt that it’s easier for a woman to make others smile through her own smile. When a woman smiles at you, for one thing, the face becomes so much more agreeable, so much more pleasant to see. Also, one is generally less suspicious of a smiling woman than a smiling man.

    That being said, a smile is a smile, and it’s a wonderful thing. I do those little things every once in a while too. One of the first things I did upon getting accommodation in the hostel was to be nice to the guards and the peons. I wave and smile at the watchman in the morning and evening. It’s just a very simple, a very small action, but I like to think it makes a difference.

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