An Unfinished Poem

I once had a feeling,

A feeling divine…

That set my heart aching,

With thoughts that I could not define…

The season then was cold,

Yet there was love and warmth to enfold,

Not one emotion to withhold,

For a beautiful future we looked to mould…

But soon another season sprung,

Leaving all the knots unstrung

Only vices were then flung,

And Love was truly unsung…

Days then passed,

And in the coarseness I did lambast,

All happiness that may have trespassed,

A heart broken not long ago in the past…

Yet now,

I have a feeling,

A feeling divine…

The yearning is no more to entwine,

But to love and not to malign.

(Still Feels unfinished. Keep adding lines if you wish to)


6 Comments on “An Unfinished Poem

  1. Thank you for the reply again;
    The comment is indeed sublime!
    I never meant to cause any pain;
    By commenting on your rhyme.
    Using words like snob and huff,
    Does not befit you fine;
    Snobbish is the least I wanted to be,
    I think you’re out of your mind.
    I never added any “gruff”,
    To anything in the rhyme;
    Before writing such acerbic remarks,
    Make sure you read every line.
    It was a mistake that I thought of,
    Commenting on the rhyme divine;
    Won’t ever comment here again;
    I know you don’t care – and that’s fine!

  2. Thank you for your reply
    The comment is just fine;
    Although some speculations
    In your answer you did combine.
    “You rather lack love”
    To me you did assign;
    When you neither know about me,
    Nor have any sign.

    • I dont need to know you
      For I have known enough,
      Philanthropist you say you are
      And snub feelings off in a huff,
      Sign I never had of anything
      Love and the rest was indeed a bluff,
      So the feeling is mine
      And so is the gruff,
      You add to the lines,
      That i think should suffice as enough.

  3. It’s good you have a feeling,
    A feeling divine;
    What you were looking for,
    Finally you did find.
    I hope you retain this feeling,
    This feeling benign;
    And I hope it remain fresh,
    Forever in your mind.
    I could write much more,
    But really don’t have time;
    These acts of philanthropy,
    I left far far behind.

    • I will continue to have that feeling,
      That feeling divine;
      I’m Looking for nothing anymore,
      ‘Cos this feeling is just mine;
      Philanthropy is just but a very small part of love,
      Which you rather lack or probably are a destitute of;
      Though the poem did make you write a little rhyme,
      Your philanthropy was appreciated and thank you for your time 🙂

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