Just my imagination?

For the longest time now, I have been asked to steer clear of the Great Indian Black Cat. Now , the ones in the place where I stay, are very lanky and malnourished for some reason. And so these frail creatures, incapable of even coming close to harming me, have been ignored to the point of non-existence.Until something very funny yet tragic happened last morning.

I was running late for an interview day before yesterday and so in my hurry, I did not see a black cat crossing my path. My mother’s hawk eyes did not however miss it and there was a cautionary message on my cellphone sent immediately thereafter.. “Beware of your step shona. Good luck” ..Not understanding anything and of course, not thinking about it as well.. I reached the interview venue, blah blah-ed and set out to return home.

This time, being a little more aware of others around me helped, for the cat wanted to make itself visible. Nonchalant in its own feline way, the cat jogged by me before crossing my path. Again. This reminded me of the message and the meaning behind it. A glance at the cat and I knew there was nothing to worry bout. But I was mistaken…

Yesterday morning, on my way back home from the grocer’s, there was a stink near the exact same spot where I saw the cat last. It was this dark spot under a car which has been parked forever. On further probing, I realised that the CAT had DIED!

I was sad and in the sadness drew up the following picture in my head..

Oops… sorry kitty.  :-S 😐 … But the conclusion?


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